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    Optimized Digital Lighting

    I ordered this for my mother-in-law and was wondering if anyone has had any information aboutit. The only thing I know, by contacting the manufacturer, is that its a K2 luxeon inside. Heres 2 links...
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    Anyone try modding the nite ize drop in?

    Putting the wahwang 4 die or the smjled in place of the 3 5mm already installed. I want to to do this, but with uncut wahawangs or smjleds so it throws farther. Only prob is I need to see if I can even remove the LED's or if the package is to hard to get into. I gave my nite-ize drop in...
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    Blown Fatman Confirmation

    I was testing the voltage between the LED- & GNd and maybe I connected to wires sticking out and bam no light. I get a tiny bit of super small light when the pots turned all the way up thats it. Was wondering if theres a way to test the board to see if its a confirmed kill or fixable? Please...
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    How to safely test current on series setup!

    I blew an LED trying to test the current of my whole MAG MOD setup and the kicker is it's already potted on my heatsink. So anyone out there have a nice way of testing the current on a single LED in series and al for total current of the light? By the way whats a good way to remove an LED...
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    Pot on Fatman brightness!

    I have my 50k Logrithmic Pot on the Fatman dialed in at 13.5k and when I adjust it it does dim but not that much. Is it supposed to dim very much? It seems like it dims slightly with about a quarter turn and the rest it doesn't at all! Is there another pot I can use with a better range?
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    Fatman Technical Resistance.

    I was wondering if anyone new what resistance to dial in on the fatman for pure 1 amp power to the LED's? Using 8AA batts to power the beast. In the technical it says 13.50K but according to candlepower forums various views some seem to think higher. Please help with this conudrum of conudrums!!!
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    Fatman Potentiometer.

    Anyone know a good site where I can get a threaded with nut ( for easy install)50k logrithmic potentiometer for a fatman. If so preferably a site that has teflon wire and electrical connectors (jst or deans). I know someone out there has bought these before. Thanks and Merry Holiday Day
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    Sold/Expired Need Perfect Tristar Sink Mag D!!!

    Hey does anyone have one of these for sale there out at the Shioope and I need one for Present Day?
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    Runtime 3 LUX vs 4 LUX IIIS with Fatman.

    Anyone got a runtime of 3 LuxIIIs vs 4 LUX IIIS with a fatman and there battery voltage BIN config?
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    Low Volt HAck for Fatman?

    ANyone know the hack for 8 NIMH cells for 8 Volts?
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    Best LUX III BIN For Fatman?

    Im going to run a 3 LUX III's of a Fatman powered by 8 NIMH AA cells. They have 1.4v when fully charged and 1.2 nominal, so what would be the best Bin for this setup. They'll have 11.2 volts at max charge and 9.6 at nominal. I know theres some experienced Fatmen out there that have the answers...
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    Fatman runtime at 1 amp for 3 LUX III's?

    So how long has anyone ran a fatman with 3 LUX III's at full power 1 amp each star before the board died? I want to make a MoD and have plenty of runtime with this regulator , but not if it overheats.
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    Mag Mod investigation.

    I'm planning on my first mod using a Fatman convertor board using a possible 2 D or more. I'm not sure if I should use a 2 D with an 8AA battery holder or 3 D cells. I plan on running 3 3-watt Luxeons at 1 amp. The thing is with a fatman is the efficency better if you get closer to the...
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    Fatman total output current?

    Can I run a fatman to have 3 amps of output current. I'm thinking about making a Trilux III Mag Mod. I've already made a Quad Lux L bin for voltage and it runs fine on 4D cells. It gets hot but works great and I only used a small high watt resistor in the tailcap. It runs at 1100 to start...
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    Led christmas light set plug replacement?

    I had a bad die set of 35 Led Christmas lights they made me chop off the first light and the plug which is a 3amp 125v fused plug. Where would I find this and should I put a resistor in place of the missing Led to reuse the setup? It's just a 2 prong plug with a slide out part with 2 tiny fuses...
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    I've done it (4 LUX III) Modorific Photon Device!!

    I\'ve done it (4 LUX III) Modorific Photon Device!! I used a heatsink from B2EZ2 here on the forum and applied 4 LUX III L Bins with thermal paste and NIMH batts(4 total) powering this monster.I ordered 4 .05ohm 5W resistors which I was going to mount next to the stars, but they were huge and...
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    How to calculate junction temp (lux 3) from slug ?

    Any ideas how many degrees higher the junction temp is compared to a slug reading on a Lux III if so whats a good temp for the slug? I think the max junction is 120 C according to the pdf file Any help would be great.
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    What is a good 2AA Mag Mod?

    Anyone have any opinions on the best mod for a 2AA Mag, including sandwiches available? I've got a couple spare Lux 3's lying around.
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    Well I hooked up my 4 luxeon mag head!

    I just hoked temporey wires to determine how much current it would pull and its basically the same as having one lux 3 hooked up. It was pulling 1.6 amps with all four lux 3's going. I know you guys like to over power your lights, but I do want to use this for more than 10 minutes so is this a...
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    Good driver or regulator for 4 Luxeon 3 watts ?

    Anyone know a good driver or regulator that will fit somewhere in a 4 D cell Maglight and power 4 luxeon 3 watters running in parallel? So I would like them to each get about 900Ma or 1 amp.