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  1. parnass

    Pelican 2360 2xAA 375/29 lumen version flicker?

    My 5th generation Pelican 2360 2xAA 375/29 lumen flashlight flickers when on the 29 lumen setting if powered by fully charged Eneloop Pro batteries. It flickers less when using alkaline cells and does not flicker at all when powered by Energizer Ultimate Lithium primary batteries. It employs...
  2. parnass

    Inova X1, XS, and XP changes for 2017

    My Inova X1, XS, and XP emit a more focused beam and throw farther than other lights in the same classes. That may change this year. According to the Nite-Ize web site, the newest versions of the Inova X1, XS, and XP LED flashlights have increased total brightness (lumen count), but decreased...
  3. parnass

    Motorola flashlights in 2017

    Motorola will be offering flashlights this year, according to this Youtube video filmed at the Shot Show. They look like rebranded Chinese lights, but the Youtube video resolution isn't crisp enough to permit detailed identification.
  4. parnass

    Streamlight Stylus Pro 360 users?

    I haven't seen any reports of CPFers using the Streamlight Stylus Pro 360, announced at the 2016 SHOT show. It is a new version of the Stylus Pro pen light which can tail stand and has a bezel which slides forward so light is emitted in all directions. It is rated at 65 lumens with a 6.5 hour...
  5. parnass

    Flashlight explodes in Colorado father's mouth

    Flashlight explodes in Colorado father's mouth. Video news report from Youtube:
  6. parnass

    TIP: simple way to secure a pocket clip to a flashlight

    I like the Energizer Romeo light, but its pocket/molle clip keeps popping off. It is the kind of clip which snaps around part of the flashlight body. The fix is simple and applicable to other flashlights which employ a similar clip. Place a small section of bicycle inner tube around the base...
  7. parnass

    Meijer recalls Halloween projector flashlight

    Published on Nov 10, 2014 "CINCINNATI (WKRC) -- Meijer is recalling a kids flashlight because it can overheat and burn the user. The recall involves more than 8,000 Signature Designs Halloween Image Projectors. It's a flashlight with a cap that holds special lenses to project images onto a...
  8. parnass

    Inova X1 80/11 lumen 1AA flashlight

    Here are my early observations about the new Nite Ize Inova X1 80/11 lumen flashlight. Comments about the prior version 55/6 lumen X1 appear in this thread: Nite Ize continues the feature it began in the...
  9. parnass

    New Inova 2AAA LED penlight, model XP

    Inova has a new 2AAA penlight on their web site. Looks like a 2AAA version of their 1AAA XS. It is listed as a dual mode light: 144/30 lumens with 1/34 hours runtime. Link: Water resistance rating is only IPX4 like most Inova...
  10. parnass

    New Inova Radiant 2AA and 2AAA LED flashlights

    Anyone recall the old gray, polycarbonate Inova Radiant flashlights? They had square bezels. I had a 2C version. The Radiant line was discontinued quite a while ago. Now, Inova announced a new 2AA Radiant flashlight with 150 and 13 lumen modes...
  11. parnass

    Pelican 1910 and 1920 AAA lights to get brighter and have dual modes

    The Pelican Products web pages for their 1AAA 1910 and 2AAA 1920 lights are now showing both models as having 2 brightness levels: - 1910 model: 72 and 14 lumens - 1920 model: 120 and 12 lumens I spoke with Carol in Pelican's Consumer Sales department who said the new 1910 is available...
  12. parnass

    Streamlight ProTac flashlights get new TEN-TAP progamming feature?

    In addition to increased brightness ratings for most of the ProTac flashlight line, the Streamlight web site shows that some of the ProTac lights feature TEN-TAP programming. This gives you the choice, among other things, of hiding the strobe mode. You can see TEN-TAP described in the...
  13. parnass

    River Rock flashlights - still there, but not here

    Many of us in the USA used to enjoy prowling the flashlight aisle in Target stores. It was a long aisle, filled with lights from Inova, River Rock, Maglite, and other brands. That was before the 2008 economic recession (depression?) arrived. Many of the less expensive, metal case lights at...
  14. parnass

    Task light definition?

    What is meant by the term "task light?" The term is used often, but I've not actually seen the phrase defined. I looked in the CPF Acronyms/Terminology post. I think of a task light as a light which is used to provide illumination while performing some type of work, chore, project, etc...
  15. parnass

    Easy Streamlight Stylus Pro and Microstream customization

    The popular Streamlight Stylus Pro 2AAA penlight is a good performer. Here are a couple of changes I made to my C4 version which make it easier to use. The barrel has no knurling and slipped through my hands when pressing the tailcap switch. To make the light easier to grip, I installed a...
  16. parnass

    Mini Maglite 2AAA LED penlight

    I added a new Mini Maglite 2AAA LED penlight to my penlight connection recently. It is a new model and I didn't know it existed until I saw one in a sporting goods store. It's not a bad light for about $18 and is possibly my thinnest penlight. It is rated for 84 lumens and out throws my...
  17. parnass

    Streamlight ProTac 2xAAA penlight 88039

    I am a penlight fan and am interested in hearing comments from users of the new Streamlight multimode ProTac 2xAAA penlight which is now reaching dealer shelves. The mode switching mechanism on many of the current model Streamlight flashlights requires rapid keypresses and can be daunting...
  18. parnass

    Triplett TT-130 magnetic light - weird, but interesting

    Anyone tried a Triplett TT-130 magnetic base LED light? What type and how many batteries does it use? According to the description, it is made of metal, has a pushbutton switch, and its rare earth magnetic base can be stuck to corners, screwdriver shafts, and other shapes. My magnetic...
  19. parnass

    DIY pocket suspension clip

    After spending about $12 for a commercial suspension clip, I made a more economical version. I used a small vise and a locking pliers to bend a clip from a key ring into the proper shape. Short lengths of heat shrink tubing cover the ends. So far, it works even better than commercial...
  20. parnass

    Trapped tornado victim uses flashlight to signal for help

    Here is a short video clip in which a tornado victim explains how she used a flashlight to signal for help while trapped inside the wreckage of her Alabama home: