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  1. PapaLumen


    I am in. First XTAR product I purchased was a WP6 - 6 bay 18650 charger. Still have it in the drawer.
  2. PapaLumen

    Coronavirus - II

    I've been watching Dr John since the start, he does a vid every day explaining things in basic understandable language. Take your vitamin D people. p.s. I think the US is in for a rude awakening due to so many ignoring the risks. Numbers rising in most states. I think the next two weeks will...
  3. PapaLumen

    Imalent LD70 4000 lumen keychain

    Built-in multi-function OLED display, can display various parameters and settings. USB magnetic charging function, easy to get power. Interesting!
  4. PapaLumen

    Brand new Eneloop in headlamp completely dead :( What happened?

    Or maybe it got turned on while in your backpack?
  5. PapaLumen

    Rest in peace, Woods Walker

    Sad news indeed. Like many others I loved his vids of wilderness survival, always watching it all whenever a new one popped up. One of lifes good guys. RIP WW.
  6. PapaLumen

    Sold/Expired WTB: Maxflex 5A driver (taskled)

    George no longer makes these. Does anyone have one spare that they care to part with? I'm in UK but postage shouldn't cost much. Please let me know what you want for it. Thanks.
  7. PapaLumen

    Anyone know anything about Lumintop 14500 battery?

    The one in this package, can be recharged with micro usb - Any good at all or should I be looking at different 14500's? Also can this one be charged the normal way in a charger instead of using its onboard usb charger? Many thanks for any info...
  8. PapaLumen

    On a led TV is each pixel one led?

    Except Oled tv's which can light each pixel.
  9. PapaLumen

    2019 Giveaway Thread

    Pick a number then random number generator? I'm in. Or if you do pick a number, i'll be back with a number :)
  10. PapaLumen

    ACEBEAM TK16 Aluminum Giveaway *CLOSED*

    Re: ACEBEAM TK16 Aluminum Giveaway I'm in. Form sent. Thanks.
  11. PapaLumen

    Looking for a 1000 Lumens bulb for Solarforce L2P

    What led does your l2p have in it now? pic? Usually come with at least a cree xm-l already..
  12. PapaLumen

    [Review] - XTAR VC4S Charger QC3.0 3000mA - by Lock

    QC3? I don't have anything suitable. Why not just a 12v power supply?
  13. PapaLumen

    NITECORE TUP GAC (Give Away Contest)

    Also in for Jay R as he's local to me and i'm sure he'd like it too :)
  14. PapaLumen

    NITECORE TUP GAC (Give Away Contest)

    I'm in please. Thanks.
  15. PapaLumen

    [4K Review] Astrolux FT03 - crazy value.

    Nice review. Lol at the scally at the end. What do you charge it with? I haven't got anything with usb-c. Can you just get usb-c phone charger type things?
  16. PapaLumen

    Cree 3 volt XHP50.2 LED's

    Nice. I hope they do an XHP35 HI one too.
  17. PapaLumen

    HDS Help ID this LED

    Looks like an XM-L2. Board looks about 20mm, white butterfly thing is for centering reflector over led. Looks like (cant see very well) silver around the led which means XM-L2 as opposed to XML which has green base. It probably dim due to driver with low output current.
  18. PapaLumen

    XTAR 12th Anniversary Celebration

    No reply for me. Xtar is just ignoring me.
  19. PapaLumen

    XTAR 12th Anniversary Celebration

    Nope, not heard anything yet.
  20. PapaLumen

    XTAR 12th Anniversary Celebration

    My TZ28 light arrived too. Unfortunately though it is faulty. Nothing lost I guess but I was pretty disappointed. It instantly kicks down to medium even when cold with a fresh 30q 18650. I pm'd Xtar on here about it but have received no reply..