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    Overvolting: Just try and see if it works?

    I have a couple of UV LED flashlights that aren't "high powered" and they work when I increased their voltage x2 or x3. One is a "CREE Ultrafire C3", whatever that means, because when I google that, many white lights pop up instead. The other one says, "TANK007 TK-566" and it has the AA...
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    Dummy cells to convert 2xAA to 1x14500 Li-Ion?

    I received some dummy AA cells today, initially planning on using 1 x 14500 Lithium-Ion + a dummy cell in various electronics that require 2 x AA - mostly in LED lights. I just realized it would still increase the voltage by a fair amount, even if compared to disposable Lithium batteries. I'm...
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    Which Lithium chemistry is best? And why? ICR vs IMR vs INR, etc.

    Cobalt vs Manganese Oxide vs Manganese Nickel? From my limited research, it appears that IMR and INR are the safest, and don't really need protection circuits (as much), and have much higher "C Ratings" for current draw. Have these chemistries replaced the ICR batteries? If not, when should...
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    Help me get started, what all do I need to buy?

    I'm adding things to my cart and so far I have the box mod, and a clearomizer. Or maybe it's a cartomizer or a tank, I'm not sure. Does this come with coils installed, or will I have to buy some wire and screw in some of my own wrapped coils? (I already have batteries and charger from my...
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    Do different UI's get frustrating for anyone else?

    My worst examples are from a Fenix HL-55 and a ZebraLight H600 headlamps, but I imagine the same issues are found in handheld torches as well. I'll get used to the UI on the Fenix, where I have to hold the button down for 2 seconds to turn it off, then intuitively do that to my ZebraLight...
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    Looking for an 18650 w/momentary clicky . . . in Titanium?!

    I really like the Sunwayman V10R Ti+. Is there anything out there that is similar, but can be fed an 18650 instead of the CR123? I do have the AA extension tube (ground off the wrench flats), but it's not bright enough with that power source. I just really like the extended size when it's...
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    titanium 1xAAA, forward clicky or momentary, lanyard hole, 70+ lumens, 1 mode?

    I'm looking for a titanium 1xAAA, with a forward clicky or momentary, a lanyard hole, with 70+ lumens, and 1 mode. Does this light exist? If not, can this be achieved by finding a host with a drop-in emitter? (probably not in titanium, anyway) Is there anything out there that has most, if...
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    good for 1500 recharge cycles; does each one count?

    Does anybody know if it's each time I put my Sanyo eneloop on the charger, does that take off one of the 1500 cycles? Would I get more "mileage" out of them, if I used them all the way up before charging? What I'm wondering, is if it's okay to charge a battery that has only been 30%...
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    R.M.A.L.F... Titanium Mouth Carry Small AAA Bright Tail-Switch Neck Lanyard Tempered

    Wow, what a great forum. Hello. I recently discovered Eneloops, and then I had all these batteries that needed homes, so know I'm freaking out about flashlights. I'm looking for an EDC 1 x AAA titanium workhorse for lightweight neck carry. I'd settle for twist switch, but no more than two...
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    New Member Here, Hello.

    I have always loved flashlights, but just recently realized the technology of LED stuff is pretty amazing. And batteries as well. Looking forward to learning and feeding this addiction.