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  1. The Sun

    Carbon Fiber In A Different Form ;)

    Carbon Fiber Browning Buckmark 22 Grips Hopefully i'll get to some pic's of the new stuff i've been doing, but i've got a bunch of pic's from other projects over the past few weeks to post including these.
  2. The Sun

    Black and Blue G10 with Circle and Dot Glow Inserts

    The pic's are from a couple weeks ago, i'm still trying to catch up on the pic's . These were for a Benchmade/Snody 201 Fixed Activator. They are black and blue G10 with circle/dot glow inserts.
  3. The Sun

    3" Black/Orange XM Scale

    Been meaning to post these pic's for a few days. Black and Orange G10 with Organic Texture.
  4. The Sun

    Black & Organic Sebbie

    Black G10 / Organic Texture
  5. The Sun

    Full Ti Liner-less XM-18

    Mmmmm....the breakfast of champions....Wheaties ain't got nothin' on this!!! What a beautiful morning! All that's left is a good stone-washing and you can stick a fork in this one cuz it's done!
  6. The Sun

    Benchmade 201 Snody Activator

    .188" Black course texture G10 with a heavy chamfer. I also re-molded, and removed the vertical carry strap on an old carbon fiber'esk Benchmade Nimravus Cub's sheath to fit the 201 and added a Benchmade Tek-Lok for horizontal carry.
  7. The Sun

    Nimravus Cub Sheepsfoot Conversion

    I've always liked the sheepsfoot blade profile in an everyday knife. great for cutting open packages, cutting shipping labels, and spreading peanut butter The Cub and the 100SH2O are essentially the same knife so the conversion worked out easily. I also like the H2O's sheath a lot better...
  8. The Sun

    Stone-washed Ti Scaled XM

    Stone-washed 3.5" XM Ti Scale. This is one of the direct replacement scales. The slabs that replace the liner and scale are still to come :)
  9. The Sun

    Something Titanium This Way Come......Something Like a XM-18 ;)

    6AL4V Titanium 3.5" XM-18 Scale. All that's left to do on it is the stone-wash. i'll post pic's of that when it's done. I did this one as a direct replacement for a XM scale so it can still be changed out easily without unnecessary liner removal/replacement every time a new color or scale...
  10. The Sun

    FXM to 3.5" XM-18 Scale Conversion

    This carbon fiber scale was mistakenly picked up at the Hinderer ranch by a customer of mine. He thought it went on his newly aquired 3.5" XM, but it was for a he sent it to me to remedy the situation. I had to move the pivot (top hole) over just a hair and of course...
  11. The Sun

    Ti Millie Clip-flip

    i've received about five knives this week that need a good clip-flippin'!!! this was the first of them! ...i love converting the world to tip-up!!! ;)
  12. The Sun

    Ranger Green Bradley Alias II

    Ranger green, course texture G10 on the non lock-side.
  13. The Sun

    A Little 3" XM Archeology....Glowy Fish Bones!!!

    A 3" XM Tribal Fossil!!! :D The scale material is Super Phenolic. It resembles stone and is super tough!!! :wave:
  14. The Sun

    Silver Twill / Glowy Back-space Emerson CQC-12

    Silver Twill scale, polished hardware, satin'ed clip, stone-washed blade and glow inserts in the back-spacer. this one is moving on to Tom Krein for a zero grind, that's why the blades bevel still has some of the black coating still on it. :wave:
  15. The Sun

    Emerson Commander w/ Glowy Back-spacer

    I've been meaning to post pic's of this for a few days. A customer of mine wanted a toxic green back-spacer, so I sent him some pic's of this material that looks toxic green in light, but glows when it's dark. This is a simple mod, but it is AWESOME. Sometimes the little things are the...
  16. The Sun

    Coyote Brown Strider BT

    A customer of mine wanted to replace the cord-wrap on his BT with Coyote that's what we did! Coyote Brown G10 with my Organic Texture. Feels like a whole different knife now! :)
  17. The Sun

    Ranger Green...TOPS in my book! :) *Updated with San Antonio's Knife Ordinance*

    i've been waiting to pimp this knife for two years! i finally couldn't stand it anymore so i took an hour and pimped this one for me . i don't have a lot of time to pimp my own knives since i've been so busy with the new knives, and all the Pimp Work over the past couple years, but i...
  18. The Sun

    Another Red 7

    Freshly bead-blasted red scales with extra large bevels for an old BM 970.
  19. The Sun

    Ranger Green American Lawman

    Coarse Texture Ranger Green Before: After:
  20. The Sun

    Dude....Where's my Ranger Green Strider HT?!?!

    here it is!!! hahaha! :D Strider HT with nice new Ranger Green G10. The owner should be very happy with this one....the scales completely changed this knife for the better!!! the cord wrap had to go! thanks for lookin'! a few outdoor pic's: