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  1. Wits' End

    How Full is Your Glass?

    The typical Optimist/Pessimist question. Is the glass half full or half empty? My favorite reply is "The glass is twice as big as it needs to be" :) However I was listening to a [Sir] Terry Pratchett Discworld book, unfortunately I don't recall the title. He said [any error in the quote is...
  2. Wits' End

    Looking for 2 AA, specific needs, desires

    I'm posting, because I haven't been around much lately. Life happens and a satisfaction with the lights I have and a rapidly changing LED flashlight market/manufacturing/technology, it really makes my head spin [sometimes literally-life w/ mild vertigo ☺]. I'll give my parameters first, below...
  3. Wits' End

    Suggestions for a "simple" Lightsaber

    I want to make a simple and reasonably inexpensive lightsaber for one of my sons for Christmas. Other than lighting up, I want him to be able to spar with his older brother, who is using a Cold Steel Training Sword . After looking around I found all sorts of methods for making lightsabers...
  4. Wits' End

    New NetBook-Questions

    My NetBook is an Asus Eee PC 1011PX it has: What I want out of it--Internet is important for my netbook, but basically I see using it as a small, portable desktop. Open Office is my most used application, followed by Chrome and E-Sword. I don't envision using a lot of "Cloud Computing"...
  5. Wits' End

    wiring multiple LED groups, 12V DC, safe/sensible gauge wire?

    I purchased a couple LED clusters from Deal Extreme. The one I decided works for my illumination needs is 0.4W 8-LED Car Ceiling Dome White Light (DC 12V). I would like to 'easily' wire multiple units to individual switches. So I can turn on 1 light or several. My first thought was to use...
  6. Wits' End

    New Forum Experiences?

    I gave a spoiler I don't recall this subject really coming up. Quote: Originally Posted by Wits' End .... I came over to post a thread about my wife joining her first forum. Different hobby but lots of similarities. As I was remembering my first years here and...
  7. Wits' End

    Where to stay, cheaply, near Cincinnati, OH?

    I'm bringing a youth group out to PA from WI next week. We have housing set-up except for a, day trip, detour. We'll be coming down near Indianapolis and taking I-74 over to near Cincinnati. Lots of options for hotels in Cincinnati of course. However I noticed that local lodging tax is +8%...
  8. Wits' End

    A friend gave me a light that takes BR435 batteries. Came here to find a source and didn't. So after Google and EBay, I found They have the batteries for $2! The best price I could find for a few cells especially. However they use UPS only and ordering 6 batteries made my total...
  9. Wits' End

    Scam, for those who sell perishable or breakable products

    Below is an email I sent out, regarding what I assume is a scam. Clever, but I've gotten too many offers for several million $, or a cut of an inheritance to believe it. I will look quite foolish if it turns out to be real I guess :) Just thought I'd pass this on to you, I'm guessing it is a...
  10. Wits' End

    GMail April Fools joke?

    I'm disappointed, at this moment there is nothing up. 2009 offering-AutoPilot
  11. Wits' End

    12V Battery Pack help for CPAP

    Updating. Thought I'd put it here and add a new post at end. Looking for a new CPAP now, and thinking somebody here might know of a more efficient unit, and/or a great battery pack I thought this went better here than in the Battery Forum as that specifies Flashlight Electronics, however if a...
  12. Wits' End

    Laser for cat exercise--really

    My daughter, our cat fanatic, got one of these for her birthday. Now our cats have been played with with red and green lasers before, but never a mouse shaped one. I didn't see any posts here about this 'toy' before. Just to note there is a safety warning for animals and people. I'll copy some...
  13. Wits' End

    Even a bad light is better than no light

    Woot Blog I'd rather have a good light that I know I could rely on. However, even a candle is better than nothing :)
  14. Wits' End

    What lights have (or will have) a ring for level control

    A friend just brought me the 2009 Surefire catalog, so I know about the, possibly, upcoming Invictus. I knew about the U2 and Titan. I just noticed the JetBeam RRT series. I see that the RRT-0 has an option for AA, but as I looked around I saw a few for sale on B/S/T at CPFMP, making me...
  15. Wits' End

    Just a light Christmas light picture

    Feel free to post your own, this is from National Geographic, I have the big one on my desktop.
  16. Wits' End

    Looking for a good quality AA headlamp

    I drew my 14 year old son for Christmas. One of the more appealing items on his list, for me to get, is a headlamp. He wants something he can read with as well as do chores outside. So at least two modes. My requirements are--- Powered by AA's (or 1 AA) multi-level LED somewhat durable...
  17. Wits' End

    Help design the "perfect" ice chest

    I’ve been ‘brainstorming’, with myself, regarding making some heavy duty ice chests. I’ll lay out my needs/desires and then some of my thoughts. I’m hoping for any helpful ideas, thoughts, cautions, suggestions or warnings regarding materials, construction or layout. We have purchased at...
  18. Wits' End

    Real life Phasers? Don't give up after the first little bit, the picture of the Star Trek style phaser really doesn't apply :) . Interesting links to weaponizing ball lightning, laser to ionize air to create a channel for...
  19. Wits' End

    Battery Holders --Also "Utility Bag" suggestions

    The first time I got some free Battery Holders from Thomas Distributing (just an example, not the batteries I got), I threw them away, thinking "how stupid" :oops: . My son got some with an order for batteries and he asked if I wanted one, I said no, then later, I said 'let me try one, please'...
  20. Wits' End

    Largest living organisim?

    If you guessed Blue Whale, that was my first thought. The answer is here However if you want a couple of clues--highlight to read