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    My Malkoffs

    Sorry no pic. Please delete
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    Hound Dog

    Hi all, I just picked up a from what I’m told a flawless early model Malkoff hound Dog to join my growing Malkoff collection. My question is the serial # is 0065 which I’m assuming is maybe first generation? Does anyone know what the lumens are on it? I found an old thread on here that I think...
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    Sold/Expired Malkoff 1XAA Cool White Or Neutral

    As the title says, like new or mint only. Thanks
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    Elzetta Flood Lense

    Does anyone know if the Elzetta flood lense will fit the head of a Surefire P60?
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    Blue Light

    Hi all, I read recently that blue light is very bad for your eyes. I just got a Solitaire with the blue led, and I don’t want to use it if it will further damage my already bad vision. Has anyone else heard this? Are the talking about a different blue light? Thanks
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    I have decided that the 1xAA is my favorite format of light.Currently my Malkoff is my favorite . Are there any that you all particularly love?
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    Wondering if anyone collects Fenix? I think I’m going to, just ordered an E01
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    Maglite Switches

    Hi, so I’ve come full circle back to my youth and Maglite. I have a 2D cell that I converted to a nite ize 74 lumen led with a glass lens and aluminum reflector. Today I bought a 2C and dropped in a 55 lumen led. My question is this, why are the switches so different? The d cell is firm and...
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    So I was looking around that store that ends in Bean, and I saw a flashlight that kind stuck out mainly because it was black and yellow but mostly because it was made in the US. The model is Princeton Tec 1 ampL. It’s a plastic body, runs 7.25 hours on 2xAAA at 90 lumens. I was so excited to try...
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    Hi, if I were to put a KX1 Surefire head on my Malkoff 2XAA body would it work. It’s a dual output 45/3 lumens. Thanks
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    Low Lumens Drop In

    Hi, besides The M31lll 219, does anyone one know of a p6 or P9 drop in that is low like 15 lumens or less? Google didn't turn up anything.
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    M31LLL 219B V2

    Hey All, I've had this drop in for over a year now and I feel the lumens are way under rated on this one. Not using testing equipment just my naked eye I swear it's easily double the advertised 15 lumens. Does anyone that has this one have the same experience with it?
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    Preon 1

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a cooper preon 1. Is there any way it could be set so it would only ever have a single level?
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    Flashlight Selector

    I was looking for a website that I thought was a sticky here, but I don't see it. It brings you to a page where you tick different boxes to select criteria for different lights. Any idea?
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    My First Ican Maglite

    Ok not really my first Ican maglite, but the first one that I'm going to leave Ican. I've realized that I really just dig the warmth of them and it brings me back to my youth. Sure the beam isn't perfect, but it speaks to me that's the only way I can describe it. I do worry about battery life...
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    Low Lumens Mule

    As the title suggests I'm looking for something in the realm of at most 25-30 lumen and a mule head. The atom was the only one I've found so far. Thanks
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    New From Maglite

    MAGLITE Announces ML150LR LED Flashlight Rechargeable System with Farthest-Reaching Light Its Ever Introduced | California NewswireONTARIO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Mag Instrument, Inc., the world leader in flashlight technology, will introduce its most powerful flashlight yet — the...
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    Surefire Lego Question

    Tonight I put my lumanmax lx2 head on my EL2 Outdoorsman body. I like the way they look and feel together. My question is I don't really know what lumen output I'm getting. The high is 200 and the low is 15, it's not either one. Any idea how I can figure out what the output is?
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    Surefire G3 Fireman

    Hey All, I'm looking at an older G3 fireman for purchase. The head is metal and the body plastic. What I can't tell from the picture is if the tail is also metal. It looks like it, but I'm not positive. Anyone have one?
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    AA Mule

    Hi, as the title suggests I'm in the market for a AA powered mule flashlight and preferably made in the states. I would also consider a AAA if again it's made here. Oveready has an Eiger head, but it's been out of stock for some time.