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  1. parametrek

    Small diameter, forward clicky, HiCri

    That is the "momentary" option under the "switch" filter. You'll also want to change the filter mode from "any" to "all" because otherwise it will find tail OR momentary.
  2. parametrek

    Small diameter, forward clicky, HiCri

    Plugging your criteria into my flashlight search engine finds 3 solid matches: Manker E21 Darksucks Preon P1 Mk3 Darksucks Preon P2 Mk3 These all use AAAs. The E21 and Preon P2 just barely hit your 200 lumen requirement and the low mode too. If you are open to doing an LED swap to get...
  3. parametrek

    Whos making flashlights domestically?

    To add to the list: LRI Maglite Pak Lite Princeton Tec RTG Inc Underwater Kinetics Teklite Brightstar Fulton Indoh Most of those manufacturers are in my database. Maglite offers a high CRI option in their Spectrum lights. EagleTac is not made in the US!
  4. parametrek

    Throwy p60

    The throwiest emitter at the moment is the Osram Flat White. It beats out the XP-E2 by a good margin and is probably the best you can do with the P60's limited reflector. Offhand I don't know of anyone selling pre-made dropins with it but it would be a simple mod.
  5. parametrek

    Why are Nitecore so incredibly stubborn to not offer more led options/color temp

    Nitecore is very strongly driven by numbers and lists of features. Cool white means more lumens means better numbers. However you make it sound like they don't offer anything in neutral white. Out of the 181 Nitecores in my database there are 29 with a neutral white option. About half of...
  6. parametrek

    New developments/trends in LED flashlights for the past few years?

    Yes lights with built in charging are becoming more common. Currently the transition from micro-usb to USB-C has been ongoing. Some of the USB-C lights can also act as powerbanks. I expect that feature to become more common. Almost everyone has something with high CRI for sale now. The...
  7. parametrek

    What did you do for runtime before LEDs?

    CR123A? No way. They are too expensive today and back then they were 10x more expensive per lumen. Surefire used to run full-page ads in magazines so I was aware of P60. But I had other things to do with my money :) I used lots of NiCad. AA and C and D. You'd often carry several lights...
  8. parametrek

    List of 2-cell SxS lights

    Flipping through my database..... sorting by length really helps. Apologies but some of these will be duplicates to lights already named: Nextorch UL10, UL12, Eco Star (might not count) Acebeam UC15 Nicecore MT22A Sunwayman D20A Manker T02 Streamlight Sidewinder, Sidewinder Rescue...
  9. parametrek

    High power flashlight controlled / programmed by iOS / Android app over USB / Bluetoo

    They do exist. Nextorch has an entire line of lights programmed over USB. The BOSS can be programmed by pointing it at your phone screen. Foursevens briefly had a bluetooth programmable light. Petzl makes 2 headlamps with bluetooth. Princeton Tec makes a lantern with bluetooth. The highest...
  10. parametrek

    Incan challenge week 2018

    I ended up using a cheap P60 incan drop-in from DX. The host of choice was a Solarforce P1. No incan headlamps in my collection so I wanted something with a polymer body that I could mouth-carry without chipping a tooth. And I did end up doing that for about 30 minutes one night. The beam...
  11. parametrek

    New mode idea: Gradual lumen decline

    Paul Kim's Icon Rogue lights did this. Everyone hated it. Review:
  12. parametrek

    OD Green EDC

    Take a look at the Klarus Mi7. It is a pretty good EDC light and comes in a huge range of colors including olive green.
  13. parametrek

    Fenix CL30R

    I have no idea about Canada sorry. Illumn does ship there though.
  14. parametrek

    Fenix CL30R

    The main thing with the CL30R is the cells must be button top. The other main thing is where do you live? If europe then Nkon is your best source. If the US then I can help you out. The least expensive high capacity protected button tops are the LG MJ1 at Li-Ion Wholesale. They are $7.79...
  15. parametrek

    Travel and camping lights of choice

    Thanks. Would you believe that there is a chunk of the ultralight crowd that takes only a Thrunite Ti3 (clipped to a hat) with their phone as backup?
  16. parametrek

    Travel and camping lights of choice

    Just a Zebralight H53c with a Photon Freedom as a backup. I can easily get 5 days of camping from 1xAA. Double that if I'm using an L91 instead of an Eneloop.
  17. parametrek

    An interesting article on the cost of 'reading' light, over the centuries...

    I've been researching this topic lately and that is an extremely misinformed article. Only the wealthy used candles of any sort. Everyone else used rushlights and betty lamps. Rushlights were made from the stalks of freshwater rush plants and soaked in tallow. They were smokey and smelly and...
  18. parametrek

    Low modes are a battery-saving measure are not all that useful

    I'm still not exactly sure what you are trying to say. I'm going to try to summarize you here I never use low power modes I never run out of cells low is useful for being discrete low is not useful for conserving power high power modes have plenty of run time M61 (single mode with 425...
  19. parametrek

    Nitrolon is underrated

    I tend to like plastic lights. Still don't have a G2 though. I guess because I don't want to buy any 16650 batteries :) The Solarforce P1 has been wonderful though. It is my favorite 18650 light by a lot. The "plastic is cheaper" option doesn't seem to apply when the light is made in China...
  20. parametrek

    How many lumens do you need for a good led flashlight?

    Out of curiosity what do you do for a living? You don't happen to write for BrightBestLight perhaps?