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  1. Anglepoise

    deep knurl vs shallow knurl

    In many cases, the depth of knurl is pretty well set by the quality of the knurling tool. We all know how expensive all lathe tooling is and I think a cut knurling tool, while very expensive, is the only way to go.I don't enjoy knurling especially when the item has had many hours of work on it...
  2. Anglepoise

    Can Me Bulk driver be modded ?

    You might give George a call. Super guy. He designed and built all the drivers that Bulk used. I agree with the guys above. Grounding is sometimes a problem.
  3. Anglepoise

    DrafterDan torch, model 12

    Keep the posts coming. I always do a final pass with everything assembled. The parting line almost disappears. Also you can turn a groove on the parting line , and it disappears completely.
  4. Anglepoise

    DrafterDan torch, model 12

    I am a great believer in slow spindle speed, and solid carbide tools. Check out Division of Kaisser Tool Co. Very worthwhile stuff.
  5. Anglepoise

    hybrid AlBr/ Al torch

    This is my most used setup. Compound set to 29.5 degrees. Infeed by compound. Depth of thread measured by dial indicator. See next photo.
  6. Anglepoise

    hybrid AlBr/ Al torch

    Below is a photo showing the 4 methods of in feed when threading. Which one you choose will depend on how fine or course the threads to be cut are. Photo from the Sandvic.folk.
  7. Anglepoise

    Second prototype, C954 AluBronze

    Really like the two sandblasted rings on the head. Very nice
  8. Anglepoise

    Mr. Bulk Chameleon Update Needed

    Great UI. I made 3 lights with a side switch from George. Two were his standard side swith drivers as shown in the pic. You might be interested in the link that is part of my signature below
  9. Anglepoise

    Mr. Bulk Chameleon Update Needed

    Chris. Was the XP-L HI domed or flat.......and were you able to keep the original reflector. Thanks, David
  10. Anglepoise

    Mr. Bulk Chameleon Update Needed

    To my knowledge you can not change the driver as its side switch is part of the driver. You might check with George, at who made the drivers. The LED can be updated but I do not have the exact ones you can use. Its a great light. Good luck.
  11. Anglepoise

    Experiments with c954, Aluminum bronze

    Internal threading is always going to be a tricky. That combination of a nice fitting thread and disengaging the half nuts. Well we have all been there. Your idea of reversing the lathe and threading from inside out has merit and will improve thread finish and lower your heart rate. How is your...
  12. Anglepoise

    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    Bill, Our posts overlapped. Please delete mine if you believe it is inappropriate.
  13. Anglepoise

    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    I arrived a few years after you and by that time Bulk had gone...... and set up his competing website. Shame, because he made some very nice lights and was responsible for introducing side switches on an LED flashlight.
  14. Anglepoise

    McGizmo - 2018

    Don, Good to see you still making lights that we all know and love. Happy new year
  15. Anglepoise

    So long Photobucket

    I dumped PB and have been using Free and has been around for a while. Easy to use. Example below.
  16. Anglepoise

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn: Mr Bulk Bare AL VIP Set

    Re: FS: Mr Bulk Bare AL VIP Great light. Good luck on the sale.
  17. Anglepoise

    replacing tail-cap with side switch

    GeorgeS [email protected] Makes some very nice side switch drivers. Have a look at my website in my sig for further details