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    Rechargeable AA battery shoot out

    warning this are datas read on my instruments, may be inaccurate, i have only 4 batteries of every type, maybe one or more of them are damaged and give weakest results, my methodology is different from the IEC standard so may give different results shoot-out updated at 13 feb 2010...
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    overcharge/overdischarge reserve in ni-mh batts

    i have try to search if there is some old thread about this but i haven't find anything so i have decided to start this thread ni-mh batteries manufacturers declare that some series of their ni-mh batteries (i think the strongest series, for heavy applications) have the catode oversized respect...
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    PWM charge vs. CC charge

    i see that high end chargers like the ICE, triton, iCharger... all use CC charge for ni-mh batts while chargers like the BC900 and C9000 use PWM, the primary reason i think is cause PWM is cheaper, but is good on batteries? these chargers have a pulse of around 2A, maybe is safe on a AA, but...
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    nichel-zinc AA finally available

    i just have check the ritz camera website and i have found the powergenix AA batteries and charger on sale anyone have in mind to try them? looks promising with the higher voltage and the high current output...
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    XR-E vs. K2 graphs

    i have compared some graphs from the respective data sheets, K2 in yellow, XR-E in blue, hope it can help this is the comparison of the tint binning this is how % increase the lumens when current go up (100% at 350ma) here the voltage vs. current but all we know that the K2 is much...
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    my fenix E0 mod

    first of all i want to say "thank you!!!" to foursevens that give us all that fantastic lights. then here my mod: i have modded the circuit for give more milliamps to the led, when unmodded i have read around 23ma to the led, now i read 35ma. the bad thing is that i don't understand how push...
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    GP scorpion at flashlight reviews thanks for the review!!! by observing the runtime plot the battery pack don't seems to be protected, isn't dangerous? also charge 2 unprotected batts in series can be very dangerous...
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    K2 reflector info

    i'm really undecided for what kind of reflector use in the luxeon K2, i need one that have a flood spot and large spill, i had think to use also a modded surefire P60 reflector cause is also LOP... otherwise? i need also a deep reflector with a tight spill and a high lux reading, but with a...
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    surefire 8X 9N info

    why the body of the 9N is much bigger than the 8X one if they use a battery pack with the same diameter?
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    4 CBP 1650 in a mag?

    please somebody can confirm if the new CBP AA 1650 fit in a mag D body 4 side by side? i have try the energizer 2500 but they fit only if i replace the original label with a thinner one
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    i need a 5 cell PCB with high amps

    please somebody can tell me where i can buy (or how i can mod) a PCB for 5 li-ions cell? the problem is that i must use a 120W lamp and the high drain at start activate the protection of the PCB and it can't turn on the lamp. so i need: 1) a PCB with a relly high current limit (like 30-40A)...
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    osram halospot

    what you think about this? is a osram halogen bulb with integrated big reflector (111mm diamater). there is the SuperSPot version that do a 4° beam (without any artifact, is a multifaceted reflector) with virtually no spill. 50k lux at 12V that can become up to 200k lux at 19V would be perfect...
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    1.6 millions lumens spotlight i think is impossible to do more nowadays...
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    delayed relay for by-pass PCB?

    usually we can't turn on a lamp if the protection circuit of the li-ion pack detect too amps at start. what you think to use a delayed relay that by-pass the circuit for the first 1-2 seconds?
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    60 lm/W halogen bulb. TESTED!!!!

    finally i have do a overdrive test on the new osram irc series... first of all i have test them with 3 li-ion cells (D size so low voltage drop) and consider the output 100% then with 4 cells: output 249% with 5 cells: 460% this mean that the ususal table for calculate overdrive remain...
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    li-ion charging method

    is safe to charge li-ions in that configuration? 1) a 18650 at 2.9V in parallel with a 16340 at 2.9V 2) a 18650 at 2.9V in parallel with a 18650 at 3.7V 3) a 18650 at 2.9V in parallel with a 16340 at 3.7V 3) a 18650 at 3.7V in parallel with a 16340 at 2.9V
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    is this a good power supply? i have a charger like the triton, i want to charge at max 6.5 amps a 3.7v li-ion pack i think that power supply is enough, only i don't understand in...
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    12V 200W bulb

    i think this is the first time you see this kind of bulb... do you like it? :)
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    how much drain the elite max?

    i have measured how many mA drain the elitemax at various levels with lithium batts: boost mode:560ma level 1 reg (unreg): 310ma (137ma) level 2 reg (unreg): 210ma (101ma) level 3 reg (unreg): 119ma (57ma) level 4: 57ma level 5: 14.9ma level 6: 7.9ma level 7: 6.5ma level 8: 4.8ma level 9: 2.9ma...
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    SL twin task 2L mod

    if somebody are interested in the mod of the TT 2L i can say that is very easy: for drive the leds there is only a small 32 ohm resistance, one of every led. so for example you can use a 17670 li-ion battery with a strion bulb and a lower value resistor (like 5 ohm) for drive the 3 leds