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    End user serviceability

    Scout24 brought up the subject of end user field serviceability in the incan vs. led thread with regard to the benefits of incans. I have plenty of old incans,there seem to be lights everywhere around the home these days lol,but generally I am an LED guy when it comes to "user" lights. There...
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    Eveready Dolphin LED

    Went looking for another light at Wal-Mart and found this light for $9.97 ! The light isn't called the Dolphin of course and bears the Energizer weatheready name.I can't seem to find any images online but it looks just like the Dolphin LED with a red body instead of yellow and no rubber grip...
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    On what EDC item do you spend the most $$?

    Regarding lights,knives,muti-tools.Three fairly common EDC items, I think.I didn't want to include cell phones even though most of us carry them because they usually involve monthly payments,contract agreements etc. I realize this is a flashlight forum but I know many here have strong interest...
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    Anyone besides INOVA making lights with a warm tint?

    I really love the new 2008 T-series from INOVA.The T1 has always been a favorite and the warm tint of the latest model is icing on the cake.Are there any other brands offering warm tinted lights ? I know some of the Rebel led lights are pretty warm but it seems to be hit or miss with those...
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    2008 INOVA T1 arrived today!

    Identical in appearance to the 2007 T1 same quality fit and finish that I have come to expect from INOVA.Maybe slightly brighter than my 07 T1 to my eyes anyway.Not a knock on the brightness of the 08 model my 07 T1 was bright to begin with, probably a lottery winner. The big difference aside...
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    4AA light that uses PR base bulb

    I am looking for a 4AA light that uses PR base bulbs preferably with an OP reflector.Not really interested in the cheap dimestore lights I need something better quality.Searching has turned up the Responder(Bright Star/Koehler) and the Propolymer Xenon(Streamlight) but I think they both have...
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    Best clicky switch ?

    I was just wondering what is the best clicky switch you have found ?This question includes forward and reverse clickies no twisties though.My collection includes several Fenix,INOVA,MAG and various inexpensive lights.Considering all my lights I can't ever remember a switch failing even one time...
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    Why so few head twisties?

    Most twisty lights seem to be tail twisties but these seem much harder to use one handed.I understand the tactical twisties with the momentary but why on the general purpose lights?The X5 for example is a great light but it would be easier to use with a twisty head. X5's momentary switch isn't...
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    What age when you became a flashoholic

    Hi all,just wondered when you discovered(or in my case realized) you were a flashoholic.