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    *** FENIX UC 40 UE *** Thoughts and Experiences

    Ditto both of these. But my big question Has anyone figured how to select/keep strobe going? Not in limited Owner's Manual or any place else I've found. Any thoughts welcome :)
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    i need the biggest AAx2 "wow" flashlight

    Well, wow isn't really important to me but I'm looking for a 2xAA to replace my missing Fenix LD2 (or some close combination of letters and 2 :) ) I figured this was a good thread to bring up-to-date Any thoughts?
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    What lights have (or will have) a ring for level control

    Well, I'm underwhelmed, solid light but it is way too big for what it is. I'll post more later. I like the control ring interface but it seems loose on this light. The light has ridges in the battery tube to accommodate AA's but it could take 123s at least. Very large diameter for a AA light...
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    What lights have (or will have) a ring for level control

    Dosun R1 at It is 2xAA powered AND on clearance! Max lumens are only 85 but it looks decent, and I had a credit voucher so :paypal:. Now I'm really glad I posted the question :)
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    What lights have (or will have) a ring for level control

    A friend just brought me the 2009 Surefire catalog, so I know about the, possibly, upcoming Invictus. I knew about the U2 and Titan. I just noticed the JetBeam RRT series. I see that the RRT-0 has an option for AA, but as I looked around I saw a few for sale on B/S/T at CPFMP, making me...
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    AA or AAA Light

    TK40 from Fenix About 2/3 longer and 1/3 bigger around :) A bit less than $160 from 4Sevens G2 vs. TK40 Length 5.1" [5.2 LED] 8.2" Diameter 1.25" 1.6" Peak Lumens (from Surefire/4Sevens) 120 Lumens-20 Mins [LED 80 L 180 mins] 630 Lumens-120 Mins {93 L for 20...
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    Preon impressions

    I can annoy many of my children by putting my PD 10 on high, even from across the room--not that I would do it on purpose :) --. I had them play with and listen to my Preon 1. Only a faint whine heard, except from the children--"Can I have one" :) --. Now that is a Preon1 not a 2 so YMMV I...
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    BEST AA Flashlight available in the market

    I've been EDCing the D10 for about a year. I use it quite a bit every day. One of the big pluses of this light IMHO is that you can buy it from one of, if not the, best dealer in the CPF network. I haven't needed service for this light but in other 'problems' I've had, I haven't had a problem...
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    So who has the lowest serial numbered lights?

    However the # isn't on the light. It is on the card that came with it. I think I still have it :)
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    Problem w/ Gerber Trio

    back at you :)
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    Problem w/ Gerber Trio

    Her Tritac is now open, but is back in, an only slightly mangled package. :) It does have a tail switch, not a clickie, a pushie switch. How's a first class, delivery confirmation, swap sound? We're in MN--In USA, barely. Either PM or email, [email protected]
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    Problem w/ Gerber Trio

    She doesn't like it. Chunkier and no lanyard hole. Anyone want to trade? I'll post in trade at Market place later.
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    Problem w/ Gerber Trio

    Got the replacement in the mail, a Gerber Tritac. Seems a bit bigger/chunkier than the Trio. I'll have to see what my daughter says. Anyone have a new Trio to trade for a Tritac? If she doesn't like it :) BTW Cheers to Gerber, 1.5 weeks for a replacement :twothumbs:
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    Problem w/ Gerber Trio

    Well.... I try to buy lights w/ lifetime replacement. Our first LED lights were from C Crane, Tektite-rebrand, after replacing 6 lights they asked what we were doing with/to them :) We really just use them alot. The light is shipped, sorry no pics. Hey, I'm a flashaholic. Nano-lube on all...
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    Problem w/ Gerber Trio

    This light is about two years old, got it as a warranty replacement then. However this one is having a problem that I find hard to believe. The threads are worn out, so worn that they won't hold the light closed. First, for those who aren't familiar with the light. Flashlight Reviews 8/2004...
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    Not a 'flashlight'-LITEPanels

    LITE Panels My brother brought one of these along when he came to my son's wedding. I was impressed by the flood/wall of light. He uses it as a fill light.
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    How do you get a dime out of Fenix lens?

    I prefer the solutions here to his--Thanks
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    How do you get a dime out of Fenix lens?

    I chatted him this thread, he got it out before reading Dru Lattin: Repetitive beating against a concrete wall made me see the light Dru: Thanks for all your sage counsel Herb: the shock of hitting a flashlight on concrete, on purpose! Dru: It took a multiple hitting/gradual loosening...
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    How do you get a dime out of Fenix lens?

    Before my son left for Thailand I gave him my Fenix L1D CE, to make room for my NiteCore light, didn't want to sound too generous :) As I was chatting w/ him this AM/PM So any suggestions? Also looking for thoughts on buying a motor bike in Chang Mai :)
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    The ~OFFICIAL~ Nitecore D10/D20/EX10 Registry

    Re: The ~OFFICIAL~ Nitecore D10/EX10 Registry everytime I went to see it, it was unavailable really