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    Zebralight SC 600 as a helmet light

    Hi i currently use a Fenix LD20 as a helmet light attached with a two fish lock block I would like something brighter and am attracted to the Zebralight SC600 and i wondered how they work with lock blocks.
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    ITP A3 Eos not working

    My ITP A3eos titanium has stopped working. The rechargeable battery seemed to run out so i replaced it and it didn't work so i replaced it with an alkaline cell and still nothing any ideas? Any help appreciated. Thanks
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    Helmet light for off Road riding

    Hi i have been looking for a light to helmet mount to give more power than the Fenix LD20 i currently use. I like the look of the Exposure joystick mk5 but this is a little too expensive. I also like the look of a Fenix PD31 but this appears to be limited edition. It seems the single 18650...
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    Ld10 battery tube for LD20 R5

    Does anyone know if the Fenix LD10 battery tube is available for the Fenix LD20 newer R4 model?
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    Fenix TK15 as a bike light

    HI what are peopls opinions of the Fenix TK15 as a bar mounted light for off road riding would it have enough balance of flood and throw I am thinking og getting my first 18650 light and this would be a good excuse.
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    O Ring Material

    Just a quick one I have 2 Fenix LD 20 torches (I am in the UK) I use on my bike which are great. While I can find lots of info on what lube to use or not use on what O Ring material, how do you find out what they are made of. I have always used petroleum jelly on my old Maglights which never...
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    Cellphone as a Flashlight

    I have seen flashlight applications before on my smartphone an HTC Desire which use the screen backlight. My phone software was recently updated with the 2.2 Android software Froyo, this came with a smart little flashlight app which uses the camera led to provide a flashlight with 3 different...
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    Tail Switch Recommendation

    The tail switch I fitted to my 2 AA maglight has failed after a couple of years can anyone recommend a quality replacement? Thanks Please excuse me if this is posted in the wrong section.
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    Bike mounted TK45

    Hi I am looking to replace my Hope Vision 1 which I use off road at night with a more powerful light. I currently run a Fenix LD20 as a helmet light and I am most impressed with that and an LED flashlight seems like a cost effective solution bearing in mind I have plenty of NiMH AA cells at my...