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  1. bigcozy

    Got a TV antenna question

    Bought a antenna with a tuner difference.
  2. bigcozy

    Got a TV antenna question

    I know you guys like a good technical mystery and I appreciate the brain power on this board. To deepen it, rainy last two days and picture almost quit. Cleared out a little tonight and picture came back. Going to go into town and pick up something from Radio Shack and see if that helps. I...
  3. bigcozy

    Got a TV antenna question

    I am not in Georgia No way my marina is broadcasting, although that is a good idea. I don't know of any boat that has cable hooked up, most have sat dishes, and the channels I am getting exactly correspond to local cable. I have seen wierd things happen in terms of electonic stuff moving...
  4. bigcozy

    Got a TV antenna question

    Since almost everyone has cable or dish, this may be hard to answer. On my boat I just have a TV with rabbit ears. About a month ago, I started getting cable channels like ESPN. They weren't coming in very good, but about as good as the normal channels I get. Two questions: 1. Why am I...
  5. bigcozy

    .22 rifle for hunting

    I have a 10/22 with a folding stock and Remington 572BDL pump .22. The Remington has an extremely long barrel and is very quite with light speed loads. As a kid, if I didn't bag six squirrels a morning, I felt like I had failed. The 17HMR is different animal, it is a necked down .22 Magnum...
  6. bigcozy

    I'm thinking of living in an RV, Know any good forums?

    I have lived on a boat for several years at a shot. I am single, can't imagine it with a family. Lot of things you have to get used to, lots of systems to keep up with and maintain. The wear and tear of normal living on a RV is very significant, more so with a family. I recently had a guy...
  7. bigcozy

    Giant Knife Version 1.0 from Wenger

    Can't believe you guy are bad mouthing my EDC!
  8. bigcozy

    2007 BMW M6 Convertible Luxury Sports Car

    I'm partial to my James Bond Edition Z-3, but that is because it is paid for, and gets 35 mpg.
  9. bigcozy

    Anyone smoke cigars?

    After 20 something years, I recently quit too. I smoked up the last ones six months ago. Now I have some travel humidors and a bunch of cigar cutters laying around. I was a casual smoker for 15+ years, and suddenly I couldn't control it. Always partial to Partagas, Cohiba, and Fuente. I...
  10. bigcozy

    Best place to buy Nike running shoes?

    I had already checked ebay. There were some great prices, so I emailed two sellers. It took awhile, but they both admitted the 360's were fakes. I found them for $130, so that is probably the best I can do given the demand for these things. Thanks.
  11. bigcozy

    Best place to buy Nike running shoes?

    Zappos doesn't carry Nike. Didn't see the air max 360 at NikeID, just the shox.
  12. bigcozy

    Best place to buy Nike running shoes?

    Let me be more clear - on the internet.
  13. bigcozy

    Best place to buy Nike running shoes?

    Need to buy two pairs of Nike Air Max 360's. Around here everything is straight $160 Nike pricing. Anybody got a good place they buy from and beat their MSRP?
  14. bigcozy

    Remember New Orleans - Wayne LaPierre

    I was in a riot in Memphis that got very hairy, I had three women with me. The only way we got out was I put them in front of me and pointed my Glock 19 at the crowed following us. I had 15 rounds, it would not have been enough. Several were armed with automatic pistols as well, I wasn't...
  15. bigcozy

    Hunter's Moon photo request.

    I didn't get out there last night. Buddy of mine killed two deer yesterday so I helped him butcher them so I could get some venison. Were you at Cook's Ferry or Rebsamen Park?
  16. bigcozy

    I Hate You All

    It's a familiar refrain. From lights you will drift into other things - watches, knives, multi tools, sunglasses etc. The old joke was before the internet I was happy with my Maglight 2AA, Ruger P89, Spyderco Endura, and Casio G shock. Now my pocket knife of choice cost more than all those...
  17. bigcozy

    Hunter's Moon photo request.

    If it is rising in that direction, I will have to go down and get on the other side of the river. If you are talking about the small park west of the yacht club, that is Pinnacle Park. The little Maumelle runs through there by the boat ramp. To the west it runs to lake Maumelle and to the...
  18. bigcozy

    Hunter's Moon photo request.

    I missed your post Ice, I will try to get a pic Tuesday and post it up. I am only about two miles from the Arkansas, I will try to get a pic with some river reflection.
  19. bigcozy


    Re: Any scanner enthuisast's??? Very good thing to have. I bought one in a pawn shop for mostly listening to weather reports since I live in Tornado Alley. Never thought I would use it much, but it turned out to be a great purchase. I would leave it on by accident sometimes, and learn my...
  20. bigcozy

    Ok motorcyclists...need your help one more time

    If the tank, fenders, and seat are in good shape, you could probably sell them for more than $200. I used to wrench on Hondas, only worked on 2 Nighthawk 650s. They were good bikes, nothing fancy, and were a pretty good seller. There were three versions of the nighthawk series, the later...