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    Olight all the way. The R50 Pro is packing a lot of punch in such a compact frame.
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    Arc flashlight is officially out of business...again

    It's a damn shame. I still have their AAA UV light, it works perfectly and never gave me any trouble.
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    What have i missed? Whats new and improved these days?

    A trillion times this!!! :twothumbs
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Eagletac MX25L3. Need more power! ;) This is probably the last portable flashlight I will buy, unless somebody comes along with something even brighter that can be carried on a belt.
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    Eagtac SX25L3 (3x18650, 2750lm)

    Re: **NEW** Eagtac SX25L3 (3x18650, 2750lm) Hopefully someone (a good reviewer with access to this hardware?) could do a side-by-side comparison of the XM-L2 and MT-G2 shots.
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    Eagtac SX25L3 (3x18650, 2750lm)

    Re: **NEW** Eagtac SX25L3 (3x18650, 2750lm) Ugh...every time I look at this light, I fear for my wallet! Even though I just ordered an upgraded Klarus XT11 (XM-L2) for duty use and am patiently waiting for it, I might have to order this one too, you know, for scientific comparison...
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    Any news on new Klarus XT series light?

    They should probably change the emitter to the new MT-G2 P0 led...that would be fantastic.
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    Newbie Question about Wolf-Eyes

    I also had a great Wolf-Eyes Digital Police flashlight. It served me well but is now doing duty as a common house light. I don't know what happened to Wolf-Eyes, but you hardly hear from them anymore. Their distributors are also hard to find and/or it's difficult for them to find the flashlight...
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    Is Klarus quality better than FourSevens ?

    Hell yes! :devil: I've had an awful experience with FourSevens a few years ago and lost about $150. Never again. If you like to get ripped off, go right ahead with FourSevens. For me: Klarus > FourSevens.
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    Why the dislike for LED LENSER?

    Poor quality, for one. My friend has a led lenser, and once he saw how dim his light really was compared to similar-priced ones, he realized he got an overpriced toy. The price vs lumens ratio alone doesn't make sense, let's not even talk about the other shortcomings.
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    The Klarus XT11 Thread

    From what I've read, they've changed them from plastic to metal and that seems to have cured the problem. One of these days I'll be receiving a Klarus XT11, and believe me it will be tested (read: abused) when it arrives. I expect nothing less than pure performance, or it's going in the trash!