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  1. parametrek

    Headlamp Like First Gen Surefire Minimus

    I wish there was. Nothing comes close in the database. There are a few with ramping but they are all push button. And there are a few with rotary dials but they mostly still have modes. There are a couple with both features but everything else about them falls short.
  2. parametrek

    Recommend me a right angled flashlight for bug out kit

    Punching those requirements into my database finds only 1 light that comes close: the Rofis R2. Goes for about $40.
  3. parametrek

    CR123 Headlamp that offers more than 500 lumen and has a flood beam?

    My database has a bunch with those criteria. The Nitecore UT32 and Fenix HP25R are interesting options under $80.
  4. parametrek

    Any headlight matching requirements?

    Plugging your requirements into my database finds exactly 1 match: the Nitecore HC50. Unfortunately nothing has a "signal mode" switch. Not even military headlamps with multiple colors that could be used for signaling. You would need to cover the LED with your hand to do morse code with it.
  5. parametrek

    Best throw spot headlamp

    Welcome to the forums. The throwiest headlamp I know of is the Thrunite TH10 V2. It uses an emitter known for throwing well (Cree XHP35 HI) and has an ANSI FL1 throw of 307 meters. For comparison the Fenix HL60 is rated for 116 meters of throw. Keep in mind that those throw numbers are for...
  6. parametrek

    Never tell a flashaholic "it's too dim"

    Thermal losses should be a little higher than that. White LEDs are only like 30% efficient so the majority of the energy should go into heating the water. Was the glass covered? At 38C there is probably substantial evaporative cooling.
  7. parametrek

    Never tell a flashaholic "it's too dim"

    Did you mean an Olight H2R?
  8. parametrek

    Dubious runtime on new Fenix HM65?

    It is even worse than that. If you do the same calculations for the 130 lumen mode it must also have a dramatic stepdown. 50 lumens? Also needs to have a dramatic stepdown. That leaves the 8 lumen low mode which according to the math is probably flat. The HM65R has 7 modes and 6 of the...
  9. parametrek

    Headlamps for hiking on a budget

    You don't need high output for night hiking. 50 lumens is plenty. Much more than that is inconsiderate to other people on the trail.
  10. parametrek

    All-night run-time for Ultramarathons

    No it doesn't. It is rated 380 lumens for 7.5 hours. It can do also 120 lumens for almost 24 hours. Personally 120 lumens is sufficient for running but I can understand why people want more. 200 lumens for 14 hours and an overall efficacy of 120 lumens/watt requires 23.3 watt hours of...
  11. parametrek

    Headlamp for running

    You don't want that. The batteries and charger that come with it are 1 step short of being fire hazards. You don't want zooming in a running light either. Or strobe. "Waterproof to IP50" means it doesn't have any waterproofing at all. What is your budget? The least expensive headlamp I'd...
  12. parametrek

    Black Diamond Cosmo

    Are you sure you need red? A sub-lumen white firefly mode is just as effective for preserving night vision. The only decent small single-cell options with red that I know of are the Fenix HL16 (1xAA) and the Klarus H1A (1xAA) and the Princeton Tec Remix Pro MPLS (1xCR123A).
  13. parametrek

    Black Diamond Cosmo

    You know how Black Diamond made up their own definition of runtime? (They measure to 0.25 cd instead of 10% like the rest of the industry.) They also made up their own definition of waterproof! They say the electronics are waterproof but the battery compartment is not. And that after drying...
  14. parametrek

    basic requirements of a headlamp

    No I have them on a website for anyone to search. Some of your requests are easier than others. Only lights in production are on the site. So that is a freebie. Headlamps over 750 lumens? Easy. 94 of them. "1x18650 minimum" is a little vague but maybe 84 meet that criteria. "110 hours at...
  15. parametrek

    basic requirements of a headlamp

    I think you've got selection bias. I have 356 models of headlamp in my database. Of those 118 feature a mode of 1 lumen or less. Of those only 18 lack a mode between 1 and 20 lumens. Most of them are made by Nitecore. There is no shortage of headlamps with "operational" levels from...
  16. parametrek

    100,000 lumen headlight?

    Officially the specs for HL360 are "Beam Size: 11.43cm (at 17" Working Distance)" and "Brightness: 60000 Lux." Lux depends on distance but if you assume 17 inches then the headlamp is 600 lumens and 11000 candela. That is some pretty impressive output for something so small. Using a more...
  17. parametrek

    All around headlamp

    Plugging in your requirements to my database finds 17 headlamps that can run on both AA and 14500. The only one with integrated charging is the $50 Rofis R2. The least expensive is the $30 Thrunite TH20. I'd go with the TH20. It is a solid headlamp.
  18. parametrek

    Brightest clip on cap lights.

    I really can't say. In general most lights from a given decade will be fairly similar in that regard. Unless there was an exceptional engineering blunder. It also depends tremendously on how you use the light. Bigger batteries last longer but make hat lights more awkward. 16340 or maybe a...
  19. parametrek

    Brightest clip on cap lights.

    My database has a section for hatlights. Sorting by lumens suggests the 1400 lumen Manker E14 as the winner. But I wouldn't get that one. It just barely squeaks under my arbitrary weight limit and I'm not too impressed with Manker's build quality. The Olight S1R is 900 lumens but weighs half...
  20. parametrek

    Who else is excited for the Zebralight H503c?

    Very excited! I've heard great things about this LED and the latest generation of Cree LEDs has been bad for ZL.