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    Malkoff to euorpe (sweden)

    Hi I am thinking of ordering some items for personal use, if anyone in Gothenburg or close buy is interested in some malkoff products write to me, I can order and we just share the shipping costs between us. I feel a bit relucant when I pay 1/3 of the product in shipping costs.
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    Malkoff VME MDC combo overview

    Well package arrived today, lets see what we got: VME-Head, 16650 body. m61 425 lumens module, mc-clicky spare parts and lens/o-ring and gasket spares, since US is a long way from me, I do not want to order those separately if needed down the road. Assembled, o-ring goes inside between the...
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    quark tactical remake (gen 4?)

    Hello I am a proud and happy user of Foursevens, I have a small collection of 3 lights, all quark tactical 2a, 1l and 2l. My EDC since 3 years is my quark tactical qt2l-x, in my eyes the perfect light. I know that it was stopped from production because of a patent infringement and a law suit...
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    flat-top cells in old quark

    Hello I have a QT2L-x, and I want to use flat-top cells in it, is it doable?