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  1. Turbo_E

    2D Mag goes 4*Seoul (w/ pics, now w/ beamshots)!

    oh last thing, im usung some So2Xa reflectors, will these fit the seoul LED as well?
  2. Turbo_E

    2D Mag goes 4*Seoul (w/ pics, now w/ beamshots)!

    ok in your opinion, whats brighter? the quad u bin luxeons or the quad seouls? im contemplating my quad u bin mag and dont know which way to go, cree or seoul
  3. Turbo_E

    Rechargeable Batteries for P1D-CE

    i agree, the lights there are of very poor quality. most of the stuff is passsable like the BT dongles or remote control or usb hubs. i love free shipping :) in regards to ppl using 3.0 instead of 3.7v batteries, its because we like having the different modes usable right away, rather than...
  4. Turbo_E

    cree stars @ dealextreme. how to wire them?

    ok as we all know DX is selling cree stars mounted on star boards. now, will they drop into place like regular LUXIII stars and wire up the same way or does something need to be isolated? i bought a pair from DX and dont want to fry em thanks
  5. Turbo_E

    UltraFire AAA problems??

    i got mine from QCG and it works fine on both 1.2v and 3.7v
  6. Turbo_E

    Rechargeable Batteries for P1D-CE

    everything from LED shoppe is fake garbage, however at the price point and free shipping, its a fair deal for me. i bought like 20 rechargeables and none have failed. as far as other items go its been pretty good too. if i get a bunk item, i email them and get a new one free of charge. you...
  7. Turbo_E

    Rechargeable Batteries for P1D-CE

    i got some "soshine" 3.0 v RCR123 from see to work fine. i get all the light levels. i used my Nano 3.6 V charger without issues, however it never seems to charge past 3.5V so the charger led never goes green. i have ordered a 3.0v charger from Dealextreme.
  8. Turbo_E

    Is DealExtreme Getting "Cree-d Up"?

    DX now sells Cree p4 emitters mounted on star boards :D oops, missed it on the first page :(
  9. Turbo_E

    CPF = Cree Powered Forum

    dvd players were over $1000 when introduced. i got one on boxing day for $9. early adopters always get burned. same with any tech.
  10. Turbo_E

    Dealextreme DX 3W CREE "NEW"!!!!!!!!

    pls read my edit.
  11. Turbo_E

    Dealextreme DX 3W CREE "NEW"!!!!!!!!

    BULKRATE code worked for me. saves $2.xx in shipping. bought $40 worth of stuff EDIT note, i didn't buy. just tested. couldnt justify buying more lights...yet. i may be selling off my P1D CE
  12. Turbo_E

    Dealextreme DX 3W CREE "NEW"!!!!!!!!

    FREE SHIPPING IS NICE...oops caps lock
  13. Turbo_E

    Non-Slip P1D-CE

    is that an M16?
  14. Turbo_E

    When will Fenix Lower the Price of the P1D-CE?

    to be on the cutting edge you gotta pay. we all did to have the brightest and first offerings of new tech. early adoption gets you oohs and ahhs first, but hurts your wallet.:(
  15. Turbo_E

    I have a headache!!!!

    well for $40 I recommend the Fenix LOD or LOP-SE if you can find one. uses common AAA batteries (LOP-SE) and the LOD can use reg AAA or 3.7V Lithium batteries. the L1T (1 AA) or L2T (2 AA) would also be excellent choices if you dont mind a larger light with...
  16. Turbo_E

    P1D-CE Thread issues - Natural VS Black

    mine weren't loose, but there was some crap in the threads and on the positive contact. picked out the crude, wiped off the grease/crud, everything is good now
  17. Turbo_E

    Waiting for the L1D-CE is Killing me...

    ^^^ HAHAHAHA are you nuts!!?? i bought more lights while my P1D CE was in the mail still :D HELP ME I CAN'T STOP!!!!
  18. Turbo_E

    Fenix E0, E1 vs L0P (size comparison)

    why not get the LOD instead? you can use a 3.7v lithium on them for uber brightnes. BTW the LOP is slightly longer than a P1D (CE), not that it matters.:D LOP or LOD are excellent choices. don't forget to enter "CPF5" and get 5% off your order1
  19. Turbo_E Resurfaced as DealXtreme & Dropped Prices!!!!!!!

    Re: gone the way of it's predecessor? you don't think its a lawsuit, do ya?
  20. Turbo_E

    Fenix P1D CR123a 5 Level CREE X-Lamp LED Flashlight

    from what i've been hearing i expected more from a $70 light. "wow 135 lumiens!" well i'm not sure it was $ well spent. obviously brighter than my direct drive T bin lux 3 but didn't really blow me away. :( i was so impressed with my LOP SE with a 3V lithium (VS 1.2 NiMh or 1.5 primary) i was...