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    My first EDC XP-G

    Hi everyone, I would like to show my first EDC flashlight. It is simple flashlight based on 4xAMC and XP-G. It is powered by 18650. Today I finished body and tried on every component. I can write that everything is allright and fits perfectly ;]. Flashlight was made of aluminium 2017A(PA6). It...
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    My first bicycle light

    Thank you for good words about my flaslight. The hood works almost well but I have to make it a little bit longer to cut off more beam beacause sometimes drivers show me that my light blind them. I'm working on makeing my next bicycle flashlight and I think I will show it in next two weeks...
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    My first bicycle light

    Hi everybody. I would like to show off my first light for my bike. I made it few months ago but I didn't have much time to show it on the forum. My light consist of: XM-L T6 1C, typical driver (8xAMC), lens from Ledil (20*). Body was made from Alu+Mg, I think it is good connection. It is quite...
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    Hello everybody

    Hi girls and guys, I'm from Poland and until now I have used our Polish forum but my friend recommend me candlepower and I have to say I'm impressed. Yours collection are awsome! I have not any of flashlisght now but I have got knowledge about lights, drivers and everything related to...