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  1. bigcozy

    Got a TV antenna question

    Since almost everyone has cable or dish, this may be hard to answer. On my boat I just have a TV with rabbit ears. About a month ago, I started getting cable channels like ESPN. They weren't coming in very good, but about as good as the normal channels I get. Two questions: 1. Why am I...
  2. bigcozy

    Best place to buy Nike running shoes?

    Need to buy two pairs of Nike Air Max 360's. Around here everything is straight $160 Nike pricing. Anybody got a good place they buy from and beat their MSRP?
  3. bigcozy

    Interesting power source Methanol, for electricronics.
  4. bigcozy

    Can deer sense low pressure systems?

    This may be a strange question, but I noticed something today. I walk a 5 mile loop at 5am every morning and I see the same 8-11 deer everyday. I have deer hunted all my life up to about five years ago when I quit hunting, but I have learned more about deer in the last three months. One thing...
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  6. bigcozy

    Need help buying low-end audio

    Put the low end there so the hard cores wouldn't get too excited. Need something for my boat, very compact, but plenty of sound. Have to have the following: Remote Clock/alarm Am/FM CD Casette Like to be able to flat mount it Needs to be cheap too, never know when the boat will get busted...
  7. bigcozy

    Need a radio

    I am looking for a light, small, relative inexpensive radio that will pick up AM/FM/NOAA and maybe some shortwave. I don't have any experience with shortwave, so I don't know what to look for there. Big deal is that it needs to small, pretty cheap and tough. Water resistance would be good too.
  8. bigcozy

    Strider "flamed" finish question

    Strider \"flamed\" finish question I have seen this "flamed" finish on titanium, sort of looks like case hardened steel. Wondered how that finish holds up, is it on top or in the titanium? Number of people are doing this to Sebenzas and it looks great.
  9. bigcozy

    German word for Friday?

    One more time, I need some more German translation. Trying to set the day on my watch, need the word for Friday.
  10. bigcozy

    Anybody seen the OD Green Leeks yet?

    Just looks black in the pics I have seen, might want one of these.
  11. bigcozy

    Can someone translate a German phrase for me?

    I just bought a Uhr Kraft watch and everywhere the logo is it has the phrase: Die Zeit der Zeit.... What does that mean?
  12. bigcozy

    Time for another folder, what do you suggest?

    I have owned about everything made, but I still trade around looking for what I want. Since I have been out of the loop on knives the last year wondered what you guys thought. Right now I am looking for a metal handle (steel, ti, aluminum) light, thin, sub 3.5" blade. I have had a couple of...
  13. bigcozy

    Friend of mine in Iraq on TV

    One of my good friends since high school is featured in a documentary on the Iraq war. Dave is hard core guy, but a family guy as well. He wasn't too pleased about having to go, he has a family and lot going on, but he went. I don't want to say too much, but things have been very tough over...
  14. bigcozy

    Blackout last night

    Power went off last night in a localized area at 2:50am. CPFers dream, a long blackout. Lessons learned: Have lots of glowsheet around! My beside the bed light is an E2e, way too much light when your eyes are already night adjusted! I walked around looking for a LED, found my Arc AAA because...
  15. bigcozy

    Kershaw Blur quick review

    Recently got a Kershaw Blur, courtesy of Cosmic Superchunk here at CPF. It is a larger knife than I expected, with a large handle and a wide recurved blade. This model is the red handle, I have seen them in blue, black and a limited edition purple. The red is very dark, almost burgundy, I...
  16. bigcozy

    Benchmade Benchmite, quick review

    I know there are a lot of Benchmade fans here at CPF. I like Benchmade, owned about thrity of them, but I never keep them. I did carry a mini reflex for two years, and was impressed at how it held up under constant use (went through three springs). I recently got a Benchmite, and I think it...
  17. bigcozy

    CRKT Van Hoy is shipping

    This IS NOT an endorsment for this webpage, never heard of them, but they have Van Hoy's in stock:
  18. bigcozy

    Best online price for BDU pants

    I finally got a non tactical pair of dark blue Propper BDU pants, and I really like them. Didn't get the usual "go change" look when we went out to dinner last night, and they are very comfortable. I have to pay $28 local, I remember somebody saying the going rate should be about $20. Where...
  19. bigcozy

    Large Harley Recall

    Harley Davidson announced a recall for about 76,000+ bikes, will probably be more. Entire electrical system shuts down. All of the Fuel Injected models are affected, bikes are shutting down while on the road and locking the rear wheel. If you want the press release PM me. Soapbox: As a...
  20. bigcozy

    Benchmade, made in Taiwan

    Benchmade has been coming out with a lot of new lower cost knives. Apparently this one is Taiwan production, I guess CRKT has gotten their attention: