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  1. derfyled

    I need a Fenix L2D tail cap

    Let it soak a full night in white vinegar, then another night in WD40. You should then be able to disassemble and clean it.
  2. derfyled

    [Review] - ThruNite T1 - XHP50 Neutral White, 1500lm, 18350, micro-USB - by Lock

    Nicely pictured review, I like it. :thumbsup:
  3. derfyled

    Old Timer Poll

    As far as I remember, I think it only worked with li-ion. I can be wrong though, that was 12- 13 years ago...
  4. derfyled

    Old Timer Poll

    In 2006, I tried to fit one in my Q3... It worked then stoped and never knew why. Good old times.
  5. derfyled

    Klaruslight Giveaway + Call for Review –> Klarus Titanium H1A…New Flashlight Products

    Would like to real-world test one of your light, please count me in.
  6. derfyled

    Soda Can light seeking

    Another vote for the Q8. Top notch light for 40-50$.
  7. derfyled

    Review: Convoy S9 (580lm, 18650, XM-L2)

    Good review ! :thumbsup: The ''hold to turn off'' is the deal breaker for me. I own it and can't get used to this UI, I always end up changing the level instead of turning it off. Otherwise, this is a great all-rounder light at a fantastic price.
  8. derfyled


    Hey James, good luck with everything. Keeping good souvenirs of those GT with you and the ''MTL/OTT lumens crew''. You have the most amazing SF collection I'll ever see in my life.
  9. derfyled

    Klaruslight (GAW)GUESS PRICE TO WIN Klarus Aluminum H1A Headlamp

    $39,95 sounds like a fair price for a quality headlamp...
  10. derfyled

    HDS HDS Systems EDC # 20

    Bought mine in 2007 or 2008... Still one of my most used light. I changed the LED to an high CRI SSC in 2010 and I'm still amazed by the nice beam and tint of this combo. I admit, not very bright compared to modern lights but built like a tank, exceptional runtime on low and with a nice PEU...
  11. derfyled

    Old style HDS EDC issues

    Email Henry. He will take care of your EDC. Even if shipping is expensive, this light really worth it.
  12. derfyled

    Can anyone repair or mod a novatac120P ?

    The 120P doesn't need to be unlocked with the 250 clicks hack, it's fully programmable.
  13. derfyled

    Convoy C8 XPL HI (v2 1a - new firmware)

    You're welcome sir ! :thumbsup: I'm confident that you will love your C8. One of the best deal on thrower in my opinion. Convoy is possibly one of the best price/quality brand you can get.
  14. derfyled

    Anyone have a BLF Q8?

    The best 40$ light I bought in the last 10 years. The only thing ''budget'' about this light is the price. The beam, the UI, the general quality, everything on this light is well designed and built. 5000 sweet neutral white lumens.
  15. derfyled

    Convoy C8 XPL HI (v2 1a - new firmware)

    The C8 has already a quite good 7135 driver. A FET driver might give you an higher start but will drop quickly in output compared to a 7155 driver. If you need a light that will keep a more constant output, go for a 8 x 7135. If you need to have a little bit less power but want a light that will...
  16. derfyled

    Convoy C8 XPL HI (v2 1a - new firmware)

    I would suggest Samsung 30Q for the battery or a Sony VTC6. They have less mAh but can deliver more amp than the EagTac. A light that has a FET driver should be driven with an high drain battery (more amps). Just be sure that you have an over-discharge protection on your driver.
  17. derfyled

    HDS HDS Systems EDC # 19

    Yep, that's exactly the problem, especially when using NIMH. Since it's 1,2V (so 2 XNIMH=2,4V), the driver thinks it's a depleted Li-Ion. Best results I have with this tube is by using Alkaline, but I hate that chemistry for the leaking risk. Even Lithium AA (1,7v) confuses the driver. It also...
  18. derfyled

    Emisar D4

    I'm very sensitive to PWM and hate the strobe effect when moving a PWM light but the D4 is not at all a problem. If you really want, you cant see it but in real life usage, it's really not detectable.
  19. derfyled

    Experts only: I need to replace a Draco. is there anything better?

    The Draco was at certain time a real jewel. However, it was driven by a Flupic and had one of the worst PWM rate I've ever seen. The P4 (or a Lux3 if it was an early version...) was bright then but it is now quite weak compared to modern LEDs. Have a look at a Blackwater Kite in Titanium...
  20. derfyled

    Fenix Time for the June Monthly GiveAway!

    I would really like to call it mine... Thanks!