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    LED Driver inside canister, wires to lighthead?

    Just an idea i got to save space within the lighthead, is to put the driver inside the canister and then run the led output wires through the wire to the lighthead? doable? good/bad idea?
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    What input voltage to use for XM-L with DX driver?

    Hi! Started building a new dive-light but i´m a bit unsure of what voltage to actually use on the battery-back to utilize best efficiency rate! I´m building it on a SKU 57779 as the driver, wich can take 6-16v input voltage...initially i was planning on using 7,4v (2x18650 in series) but maybe...
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    XM-L or SST 50?

    Hi! I´m in the essence of building a new divelight, but i can´t really decide what LED to go with... My biggest issue is cost of course... i can build the XM-L for half the cost of the SST due to the cost for the driver needed to run the SST at 5A... So my question is more or less, is it worth...
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    Nitecore Extreme or EX10

    Ordered a nitecore EX10 a week ago, and it turned up in the mail yesterday....but i was a bit suprised when i saw that they accidently sent me a Extreme instead. Now i have this dilemma....i wanted a small light as my primary EDC, and even if the Extreme seems to be a great light, it´s...