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  1. cityevader

    Wanted: Zebralight SC60W

    After a solid run of about 15 years of literal everyday use, having even kept it in mint condition, i finally, somehow, lost mine. Warm LED, 18650, no strobe, sc60w...let me know if you have one and how much!
  2. cityevader

    anybody mail a light back to Fenix for repairs?

    So my LD05 finally died after years of use, and upon emailing them on how to get repairs done, they said mail it to them in China, and they'll fix it and ship it back no charge. Sounds great considering I bought it used and no warranty (as far as I know). Thing is, UPS will charge $94 to...
  3. cityevader

    pocket light

    Another recommendation needed for co-worker to supplement the lower output Pelican 1920 penlight, with main concern being ON/OFF only without modes, however, he isn't averse to a twist head that can be locked in a position, or variable output twist head. And not a cr123 light. an 18650 (or other...
  4. cityevader

    EDC work light chest pocket style.

    Hello, Biggest desire for a chest pocket everyday work light is ON/OFF ONLY. My co-worker is quite clear on that. Rest is all below. 1) How would you prefer to purchase the light? ____I would like to purchase the light from a brick and mortar store. I am located in ______________. ___x_I will...
  5. cityevader

    need sharply cut off beam pattern rather than bright throw

    Following is copy/paste of email from brother. I'd guess he would want a limit of, say....$50. But if something more expensive truly fills the bill, he'd want to know about it for comparison purposes. "Throw" isn't necessary, as that implies brightness. A dark hospital-type room won't need lots...
  6. cityevader

    Help with diodes

    Hello, I'm planning to use diodes to drop down some voltage. It's in a tiny RC airplane. I got some super duper teeny tiny servos which I realized too late are made for a single lipo cell around 4V. The planes speed controller is for a 2 cell lipo pack for the motor, and a regulated 5V output...
  7. cityevader

    electronics help...spoke lite modification

    So I have Niteyez spoke lites that run off two 3v coin cells. They last a few hours and die. The repalcement batteries cost as much as the lites themselves!!! So I had the "brilliant" idea to solder some leads to the circuit board where the batteries connect, then touched them to an 18650 to see...
  8. cityevader

    XM-L question

    I apologize in advance. I'm on heavy painkillers from kidney stones, and my mind isn't functioning properlyu and can't seem to search right enough to find what I'm after, so help is appreciated. I'm curious about output XM-L vs XP-G; specifically, given equal current, what are the lumen...
  9. cityevader

    anyone familiar with Idaho?

    I'm considering relocating, possibly Idaho, but haven't got a clue what areas are what. I'm thinking the Boise area because it seems to have a balance of city/jobs (Ford mechanic) and mountains (fun). Anybody know what areas or towns to look for/avoid?
  10. cityevader

    MR16-BASED driving lights/motorcycle lights

    I'm curious about your opinions on MR16 driving lights. I'm thinking it may be nice to try different bulbs from spot to super spot, as well as 50W or 35W, to see what works best for me as well as the motorcycle. It has a 21 amp charging system and I'm running 5K rpm out of 9K all the time...
  11. cityevader


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  12. cityevader

    It's a BOY!!!!

    As my wife settled into her room in labor and delivery I took a quick walk back to the car. The weather was strangely calm, given all indications of an impending storm. Clouds loomed ominously in the heavans as not a thing stirred below on earth. All was dry but that distinct smell of...
  13. cityevader

    Help finding P7 host without reflector/optic

    Last winter I posted a roughly similar thread, and found pretty much what I was after. However, I now have a more specific need, and it's closing in on winter again with its early darkness: My wife is deaf, so going on a night walk is like making a blind person wear earplugs. Without ques of...
  14. cityevader

    Can LD05 emitter become weak?

    So far, i totally love my LD05. Last week I pulled it out of my shirt pocket and it was on and fairly warm. I wasn't paying attention to what level it was in, nor know for how long it was on, but I'd estimate 45 minutes since the last use. Worst case scenario it was on high..... Anyway, it no...
  15. cityevader

    can I use CPF smileys elsewhere?

    I don't know if they're "protected", but I somehow doubt it. So is there a way to save it somewhere and use it on another forum with lame smileys? I did try to save the gif to flickr, but it only get posted as a photo instead of moving. :poke: :poof: :candle:
  16. cityevader

    Anyone with security camera DVR experience?

    Well, I've had a bicycle stolen off my condo's patio awhile ago, and now some bbq supplies. Therefore, it's time to get an outdoor day/night camera DVR setup. I only need a single camera, and more inconspoicuous the better, wireless unecessary. There are quite a few systems with seemingly...
  17. cityevader

    The sweet aroma of....

    smoldering Cherry wood sawdust. It's an amazingly relaxing bouquet. I recently moved my smoker from downstairs patio to main floor's balcony, and tonight has finally been cool enough to open up the windows early. As it so happens, I've got three blocks of sharp cheddar in my UDS smoker, with a...
  18. cityevader

    I need something that doesn't exist

    Could have posted in the multi-tool forum, but felt it didn't fit...but may not fit here either. Some background first: I'm a mechanic, and use a pocket screwdriver like this one hundreds of times a day. Apart from my light, it is the single most valuable tool in terms of useage. From...
  19. cityevader

    What's your favorite part when showing off a light?

    For me, it's the inevitable move that every non-flashaholic makes when handling a light I show them....don't know why it happens every single time but it sure makes me chuckle each time.....but they always turn it on while pointing straight into their eyes. It's got to be some inate human...
  20. cityevader

    Front pocket clip source?

    I'd like some input for a clip to keep a AAA light (or maybe pocketknife) in the front pocket but off the bottom. I've seen the Tec Accessories P7 and know where to get one, but I also found in a thread somewhere some really cool ones with bottle opener from TAD Gear, but haven't been able to...