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  1. lolzertank

    Kiu Socket replacement

    Now that Kiu has stopped selling his ceramic bi-pin sockets for Maglites, what is the next best alternative for C size Maglites? Ideally there should be enough space for me to put a regulator underneath as well.
  2. lolzertank

    Lockerz invites

    I just got sent a Lockerz invitation. Lockerz has a "points" system, which can be redeemed for stuff. They have iPods, computers, TVs, and most importantly for flashlights, Paypal cash. It's free right now, and looking at their business model, it should stay free. The experience right now is a...
  3. lolzertank

    Sold/Expired Two XP-G Solitaires... PICS ADDED

    Have too many small and floody lights, need a thrower... I am selling two Solitaires (one red, one blue) modified with Cree R4 bin XP-G's, Ledil's Lisa optics, and a 10440. I estimate these to be about 140 lumens from the drive current of 400mA with fresh cells and to have a runtime of about an...
  4. lolzertank

    Which 18650 P60 host?

    I'm looking for a 18650 P60 host that's under $80. These are what I'm considering. 1. Solarforce L2 w/ 18650 body 2. Dereelight CL1H 3. Surefire 6P bored to accept 18650s The Solarforce is cheap and seems to be pretty good, the CL1H comes with a nice module and is HAIII while the Surefire 6P...
  5. lolzertank

    Energizer 2500?

    I've read the horror stories... then I looked at my cells. :ohgeez: I have 8 Energizer 2500s that are about 2-3 years old. They're labeled "Made in Japan" and have "-HR-" stamped on the negative side. About two months ago, I charged 2 Energizer AAAs and 2 of these. Normally I put them in the...
  6. lolzertank

    Red or red-orange for increasing CRI?

    Is it better to use red or red-orange LEDs to increase the CRI of a cluster of neutral white LEDs? I will be using Rebels, which are 100 lumen at 350ma whites, 50 lumen at 350ma red-orange and 30 lumen at 350ma reds. They will all be driven at 700ma. Also, what proportion of red/red-orange to...
  7. lolzertank

    dx 7880 regulator efficiency

    I'm planning to get a Romisen RC-G2 and replace the driver and led with a cree xr-e q5 and a this 20 mode driver(sku 7880). Does anyone know the efficiency for this driver? Also, could you post the current going to the led? I know the specs say 800ma, but I want to hear some real measurements...