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    How to open Olight Javelot R20 head?

    ...Pranked by pouring water into a flashlight? ...I have questions, and that seems a bit over the top.
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    Surefire still any good?

    I've had my E1L Outdoorsman for coming up on six years, and It's still my go to light when I need something that's not going to fail me.
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    *new* Klarus XT11GT: XHP35 HI D4, 2000 lumens, 1 x 18650, distance 402 meters

    Haven't made a purchase in a while. May have to pick one of these up.
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    What is your most versatile LED flashight

    My Olight M10 Maverick still comes with me, although I have dozens of other lights. Why? Simple, brilliant user interface, and good high output. If it had a moonlight mode it would be perfect.
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    Surefire Outdoorsman flashlights

    This would be a shame if they are discontinuing the line. My E1L I got back in 2011 is still rocking.
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    Thrunite TC12 - Rechargable TN12 with several upgrades (COMING SOON)

    +1 on the UI. My chief complaint on the TN12.
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    *new* Olight S1 - XM-L2, (R)CR123

    Re: *new* Olight S11R - XM-L2, (R)CR123 I had to dig a little to find this post, but has anyone else replicated this, or tested the run time with a primary cell?
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    *new* Olight S1 - XM-L2, (R)CR123

    Yeah, I'm pretty picky about weight with this type of light. This I what I take with me on field ops, and I weigh every piece of gear I have. Ounces add up, man...
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    *new* Olight S1 - XM-L2, (R)CR123

    Good to know, I was under the misconception that it would be lighter. Glad I haven't bought one now!
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    *new* Olight S1 - XM-L2, (R)CR123

    How the heck is the Ti coming in at 42g without a battery, when my aluminium version comes in at 30g, with magnet and clip installed (without battery)???? Which equates to 1.05oz (per Olight spec, also) ????? With a CR123, magnet and clip installed, I'm getting 47g (1.66 oz)
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    *new* Olight S1 - XM-L2, (R)CR123

    I agree completely. Sadly, I have one with the old UI.
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    **NEW** Nitecore P12GT (XP-L HI V3) Review

    Dat green tint though... I know it's dedomed but man oh man...
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    *new* Olight S1 - XM-L2, (R)CR123

    I measured around 1.8 amps
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    Anyone snag any decent Black Friday deals today?

    I barricade myself indoors on Black Friday. No thanks.
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    You never knew 700 lumens could be so bright.

    Cheers, Forrest.
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    You never knew 700 lumens could be so bright.

    The sad thing is that many people buy into this kind of marketing. Buyer beware, I suppose. Economic darwinism at its finest.
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    Need advice on EDC self-defense flashlight please

    The Olight M1X has been on my radar for quite some time. I absolutely love the Olight UI. My M10 Maverick is a favorite of mine for that reason.
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    What happened to FourSevens?

    I agree. If we can reach this level of customization I'll be elated. My main gripe is that I have to press the mode button or tail cap twice to change modes. I wish I could change that!
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    Followup to the SRT7

    I was wondering the same thing before I pulled the trigger on the SRT5. I wish it had a voltage indicator like many of their newer lights do when you insert a battery - The red LED will flash corresponding to the voltage of the battery. Also, I wish there was a fast way to get to the highest...
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    What happened to FourSevens?

    I just pre-ordered the crap out of that Smart Quark. I'm so excited to get it. Looks absolutely amazing. Please release an 18650 version! I can just see all other the other manufacturers that lurk the forums calling their tech departments telling them to make something like this. Late to the...