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    Overview: All eneloop batteries; 2005-2021

    Re: Overview: All eneloop batteries; 2005-2016 Anyone aware of upcoming special editions or any that I might have missed for the current generation? All I see are tropical tones and forrest tones. There have been some really cool ones in the past, ex. glitter, disney, rouge tones. I've been...
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    Where to buy Eneloop batteries? Are they the best?

    The Eneloop XX AAA are 950mAh (HR-4UWXA4A). They're listed on US amazon as available soon. I have a order in for two packs when they ship. It seems like some people like to bash the Eneloop XX line because of the lower cycle life which is the negative side of the additional capacity, plus...
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    Best way to long-term store li-ion battery`s

    Re: How do you store away 18650 ? that 20-40% range must be under heavy use in extreme conditions. anecdotally, i've got a pair 18650's that are still sold performers in there 4th year ... ultrafires (pink) no less. [edit] or maybe i read that wrong. could be loss of power during storage...
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    Energizer 2500mAh or Eneloop XX? Battery for Mini Maglite PRO+ LED

    Eneloop XX 4-pack less than $15 right now, does that change the equation any?
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    SANYO XX 2500mAh eneloop AA

    op, read this
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    Converting GPS to Li-Ions?

    you can save some weight by gong with energizer l91's if you can afford it: 15 grams - primary - energizer ultimate lithium (l91) 21 grams - rechargeable - aw li-ion 14500 24 grams - primary - duracell alkaline 26 grams - rechargeable - duraloop
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    Sanyo XX 2500mAh NiMH batteries experiences and results

    i was surprised to find yesterday that the eneloop xx's do not work in one of my 1xaa lights. i tried six different xx's that have been waiting for use since i broke them in a few weeks ago on my maha c9000. the light is the brinkmann armormax as discussed here...
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    Eneloop XX - 2500 mAh Eneloops?

    if you haven't seen it, the following thread might have some useful info along those lines:
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    Best place for Energizer L91's in bulk?

    how does energizer ultimate lithium 12pk for $19.88 + tax at Sam's club compare at $1.66 each?
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    Best Battery for a Zebralight SC51

    i use energizer l91 ultimate lithium in my h51w primarily. lighter, more energy (mA), outstanding cold weather performance, and longer shelf life then all other aa type. l91 spec sheet...
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    Sanyo XX 2500mAh NiMH batteries experiences and results

    i updated my previous post with the xx break-in results. just as an fyi, 4-pack sanyo xx's are $19.95 on amazon for the moment. notorious for their price fluctuations however.
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    Sanyo XX 2500mAh NiMH batteries experiences and results

    The Sanyo XX's arrived today. The packaging states for distribution in Europe, so they're being imported as jasonck08 suggested. While I don't think that they're being marked up that dramatically I hope to see them get below $20 in the near future. Direct from their package to a Maha MH-C9000...
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    Sanyo XX 2500mAh NiMH batteries experiences and results

    fyi, the sanyo xx is now available in the states. i noticed (and purchased) them today on amazon.
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    eneloop xx: even (much) more capacity than claimed?

    yesterday i performed a discharge @ 500 mah to determine capacity on korean market sanyo xx's which completed the maha c9000 break-in mode within the previous 24 hours. three batteries were in the 2500-2570 range, and the fourth was ~2450 mah. picked them up on ebay. it would be nice if sanyo...
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    Colored Eneloops

    Hook us up with a group buy sugarboy. Paid 25 USD to get 4 Sanyo XX's shipped from HK to US. Arrived last night, straight to break-in on the Maha. Still going when I looked earlier this morning.
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    Eneloop production facility

    alright, just picked up a xx 4-pack on ebay ($25 shipped) for the xbox controllers, they were tearing through the duraloops.
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    Battery Wrapper Replacement

    Re-wrap above looks good. Thanks to all who replied.
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    Battery Wrapper Replacement

    I have two Li-ion batteries where the wrapper is either cracked, or damaged. One battery is a couple days old, and the other a few years. Both take, and keep a charge. First I don't know if the wrapper is available by itself? Second, if it is available what size (AA, and AAA) would I order...
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    Enloops featuring colors?

    Alright, I've never been real good at geography, but I'm fairly sure Australia is not in the EU. Can you share where you got them from?
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    RCR123A Self discharge test / Week 8

    Re: RCR123A Self discharge test really. old4570, thanks for doing this. I look forward to the results.