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    Cheap 1000 lumen p60 droppin?

    If you are going to use stock Surefire hosts, it's going to be hard to achieve 1,000 lumens. To even get close to that number, you'd need to improve the heatsinking, which means swapping the head with something like FiveMega's Beefy head or Cryos cooling bezel, as well as using thermal paste and...
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    I couldn't help myself :)

    What LED? Cost? Estimated output? DON'T LEAVE ME IN SUSPENSE.
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    A question regarding multiple LED lights

    Just make yourself a joule thief. Someone made one inside the battery cartridge and it, apparently, ran for more than a day on a single AAA.
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    The Chinese Fenix MC-10 knock-off; a quick review

    DealExtreme SKU 102522 Manafont SKUs 11259 and 11260
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    The Chinese Fenix MC-10 knock-off; a quick review

    I gifted one to a friend many months ago. He wanted an angle light that he could put into his uniform shirt so he'd be able to keep his hands free when writing up tickets. Unfortunately, the clip broke after having been used for a few weeks. I just got him the actual MC11 instead.
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    I just bought a MT26. Need your opinion

    If that is what I think it is, there shouldn't be much difference. Ultrafire XM-L drop-ins are, weirdly enough, very bright. They draw ridiculous amount of current, and are commonly rated at more than 800 lumens upon activation, but with quick sag due to bad thermal dissipation. The 5-mode...
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    I just bought a MT26. Need your opinion

    How many modes does it have, what emitter does it use, and what is the voltage range? If you can answer those questions, I can find out for you.
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    I just bought a MT26. Need your opinion

    It depends. Do you know the full specs of the drop-in used in the 501b?
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    SolarForce Drop in Q's

    Get the LC-XPG. It's more throwy than LC-XML, and produces less waste heat and has better runtime. On the other hand, LC-XML actually has good throw for an underdriven P60 XM-L drop-in, and isn't that far behind LC-XPG for throw. Don't bother with Ultrafire XM-L drop-in. It's way too overdriven...
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    Reliable seller for budget ****fire?

    Dealextreme and Manafont.
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    $1 P60 host

    It's not every day you come across a P60 host with; - plastic body - side switch - 2xAA configuration Seriously, there has to be a market for that.
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    $1 P60 host

    Then it looks like some beefy o-rings, NyoGel, McClicky, Loktite, and a low-powered drop-in (M31LL or Dereelight 0.8~4.2V) will turn it into something to behold.
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    $1 P60 host

    What kind of side switch does this thing use, clicky or slider?
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    Shiningbeam Blaze - Scratch & Dent

    I call them "battle scars".
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    Looking for a 1x18650 XM-L light small enough to be EDC-able: MarsFire A T6, perhaps?

    Avoid Ultrafires like the plague and spend your money on something that will actually work and won't fall apart. My recommendations include; Zebralight SC600 ThruNite TN12 Spark SL6 The three lights utilize XM-L and are driven hard enough to produce at least 600 lumens, can accomodate 18650...
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    Mr Elfin

    Small lights such as RRT-01 do not have adequate heatsinking to properly dissipiate the waste heat, especially when driven at maximum levels. My TN11 and C2 Centurion with Cryos head--both of which have infinitely better heatsinking and with twice the output of RRT-01--can barely dissipate the...
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    Fenix TK35 Knock-off?

    If I remember correctly, it's not driven as hard as the original.
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    Think it's time to finally get an x-ml P60 drop-in.........for around 20 bucks?

    Most cheap P60 drop-ins tend to accept lower range of voltages. And those that mount XM-L don't usually drive them hard, either. Dereelight makes some decently driven XM-L drop-ins that should get you around 500 lumens OTF. If you need more, you are going to have to ask modders to make them for...
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    Thrunite Scorpion V2 VS Ultrafire 502b 1000 lumen?

    I once used a Scorpion V2 Turbo to light up an entire scene of a vehicle accident from 30 meters away for almost an hour because whoever erected the light tower didn't do the math properly. Believe me; it's a barn burner.
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    Thrunite Scorpion V2 VS Ultrafire 502b 1000 lumen?

    The Ultrafire is nowhere near 1,000 lumens. You'd be lucky to get around 400 out of it. Scorpion V2 will smoke the WF-502B. Trust me.