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  1. hombreluhrs

    PBS-Search for the super battery

    I just watched this show on PBS about batteries. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be posting links. You can watch the episode on I thought it was interesting so check it out if you want.
  2. hombreluhrs

    Cheers to Sunshineproductsusa

    Well I went on a copper binge.... Found on another forum but couldn't locate a coupon. So I email them, Frank who is the designer and manufacturer got right back to me with a coupon code within minutes. He answered all my questions quickly and was very helpful. I was...
  3. hombreluhrs

    Sold/Expired WTB Oveready brass Triad Tailcap

    Ti VME head Looking for a Hexlamp. Also looking for Oveready Triple drop in with neutral XP-E2s LMH modes Thanks!
  4. hombreluhrs

    Sold/Expired Niteye TF20 - No Longer Available

    Niteye TF20 Used condition. There is one nick in the SS bezel ring, and it's missing the rubber grip ring. Diffusion film has been applied(not perfect) to the lens for a wider can be easily removed. No box, papers, or other accessories. Sorry for the crappy pics Price is $30...