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  1. chrisse242

    Where to stay in London

    I think it's a a little too early in the year for stollen, at least for good stollen. But if anyone wants me to bring something else from germany, feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do... Chrisse
  2. chrisse242

    Where to stay in London

    Thanks for your help, since I couldn't find any cheap flights from Bremen I looked for bus tours and found an offer for five days with a hotel room already included. Most likely for younger people than I am, but I'm not going to be in my room very much anyway... I'm really looking forward to the...
  3. chrisse242

    Where to stay in London

    This goes to our friends in England and everbody who knows a good and cheap (as cheap as you can find it) place to stay in in London. I'd like to fly monday or tuesday next week and stay for four or five days. It seems like most of the hostels don't have any rooms left. So if anybody has an...
  4. chrisse242

    Happy Birthday, chrisse242

    Thank's a lot. :ol
  5. chrisse242

    L1P Circuit Options?

    For a single li-ion cell, you can always use a wiz2 from the shoppe. But that would also mean no Alkalines or nimh-cells.... Chrisse
  6. chrisse242

    Summer trip to Europe... Any advice???

    If you happen to visit northern germany (Hamburg/Bremen/Oldenburg region) I'd be happy to be one of the cpfer's you could meet. Send me a pm oder e-mail before you leave so I can give you my phone number. Having a mobile phone that works in europe would be a good thing - not many public phones...
  7. chrisse242

    Longbow ECO, Twistcap, 2 Year Review

    I agree, the longbows are really fine lights. Since the new seoul led has come out, there's an excellent option to upgrade them. Do a quick search for McCapsule to see what can be done with a longbow... Chrisse
  8. chrisse242

    Sold/Expired ***L1D 123/AA body mod , Momentary Switch and Cigar Tac ring with Clip!**********

    Skywlkr, would it be possible to thread the back end of the tube, so a kroll-switch could be screwed in? No need for a spacer any more and we'd have a regular momentary clicky. Chrisse
  9. chrisse242

    Funny Anti-UN Shirt: Don't shoot until you can see the blue of their helmets

    Well, I wonder if you would consider it funny if I posted the same with "don't shoot until you can see stars and stripes on their uniform"? Even if it doesn't mean that "whoever made it" wants UN peacekeepers to be shot, it's simply disgusting. :thumbsdow :thumbsdow Chrisse
  10. chrisse242

    Longbow and Seoul P4

    Umm... no.. :grin2:
  11. chrisse242

    Longbow and Seoul P4

    Do you just want to replace the led? That might be hard if it is glued to the capsule. In that case I´d build a new capsule. If there is just thermal paste, you can simply unsolder the wires, clean everything and replace the led.
  12. chrisse242

    Longbow and Seoul P4

    The longbow line of lights and among them the longbow micra where really good lights when tey came out. Super solid, with excellent anodizing and using the kroll switch they had a real momentary clicky. The only thing they lacked was - output. Shortly after they came out, other, brighter and...
  13. chrisse242

    Small single li-ion Incans?

    No sorry, I never found the time to really start with this project. To be true, I really forgot about it untill you reminded me. Now that it's winter, I wish I had started... Chrisse
  14. chrisse242

    Canon Powershot G7 any good?

    One thing I'd have a closer look at is the hotshoe. I used a powershot G2 for years and often had a speedlite 420 ex attached. After some time the screws that hold the hotshoe unscrewed by themselves, and the flash started to work intermittently. If you want to use an external flash, don't carry...
  15. chrisse242

    Longbow capsule for XR-E? What' this black stuff?

    Is your mod finished or are you still working on it? If it's finished, what kind of reflector or optich are you using in your longbow now? Chrisse
  16. chrisse242

    May visit Germany, Flashaholics?

    Not exactly my area, cologne is about 250 Kilometers away. But there are many german members on cpf, I will direct some of them to this thread. If you manage to visit the Bremen/Oldenburg area, let me know and I'll show you around.
  17. chrisse242

    Looking for new Music Bands - Industrial, Synthesized Guitar, Etc.

    Front 242 has already been mentioned, some more are "project pitchfork" (german, english lyrics), "x marks the pedwalk" (old but good), "girls under glass", "Die Krupps" or "Einstuerzende Neubauten". I stopped going to clubs that play this kind of music some years ago, but I still like to listen...
  18. chrisse242

    My recent trip to Germany - Polizei - (Pictures)

    :oops: :stupid: Why do I always asume that a cpfer with an english name has to be from the US? I should look at the profiles from time to time. Whatever, if you ever come back, make sure to let me know... Chrisse
  19. chrisse242

    My recent trip to Germany - Polizei - (Pictures)

    Hey, maybe we saw each other without knowing it. My office (Nordwest-Zeitung, our local newspaper) is in the same street as the PFL (the old hospital), just a few buildings down the road. Too bad I didn't know you were here. It would have been great to say hello to a fellow cpfer from the other...
  20. chrisse242

    My recent trip to Germany - Polizei - (Pictures)

    You should have told us before coming here. My hometown is only half an hour away from Bremen (Oldenburg), and I have a friend that works for the Bremen police department. We could have had a little get together. Anyway, good to hear you enjoyed your stay, and if you ever come back again, make...