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    Messed up my mag switch :(

    Grr, I had taken the switch out of my mag 2D. Well, it came apart, and I was trying to get the thin metal strip back in the stem of the switch assembly. Well, it broke. Grr. I was going to play with a new mod too! I was going to have around 500 lumens from it, but now I cannot since I have no...
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    Kroll G2 adapter

    Hey Don, still have any of these? I still have the one I bought from you, but I am in need of a few more (4 maybe). One for me, some for friends. IF you don't have any and have no plans to make more, could I get the dimensions from you? I can always measure it myself, so if not it isn't a big...
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    Possible mr16 socket that will fit in a mag Anybody use these? They are only 5/8" diameter, which would fit in a mag head. The other sockets I had found for cheap were too long to fit in, but these should be great for those of us who want 1000 lumens in a 2D...
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    Places for various cheap batteries (please post)

    Ok, if you know of a deal better than the ones posted, please add them to the list. If it is a sale, please let people know when it ends so they don't miss out. All the ones I am going to list are alkaline as heavy duty is useless. AAA's: AA's: Costco, Kirkland brand, 48 pack $11 or so C's...
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    Any 6D (or 3D)battery holders out there?

    Looked on radioshacks website, can't find any. I am planning on making an emergency light. It will use 3 or 6 D batteries, and have 4 RCA plugs for power. The LED's will be in clusters. Basically, I am making a large version of Ab's map dinosaurs. I'll have a flexible stalk (don't have a CLUE...
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    Help me compare tigerlight lamp assembly with mr16

    Could somebody take some dimensions of the tigerlight lamp assembly and an mr16? Things I am interested in: Diameter of TL LA (I know it for the mr16), length of TL and mr16, pin size and spacing for mr16 and TL (I want to know if the TL LA will go in an mr16 socket easily or with a little bit...
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    Branson MO

    So, who here is going to branson this summer? Just thought I'd mention I am living here this summer. If anybody comes here and is interested in meeting a fellow CPFer I'm willing (at least, if I recognize you as a member here. I'd say we could compare lights.....but I don't have much to compare...
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    Quick Surefire 123 voltage drop question

    What is the voltage of a surefire 123 cell at 3 amps? Just curious....wondering if I can put a 35 watt MR16 in this 4AA double barrel with 6 123's and run it....I know I could do a 20 watt that would be slightly overdriven. That would probably be the best route I suppose. Not even sure the mr16...
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    2 sugars or one?

    How do you take your coffee? Being new to coffee drinking (and having my gag reflex activated if I try to drink straight coffee) I come up with some inventive and tasty ways to drink coffee. Here is what I have right now. STRONG coffee (twice the reccommended amount of coffee per water...
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    [email protected], you here?

    I am not sure where you find all your awesome pictures and gifs and such, I'd like to find out though. I have a friend who has a b-day today (she turned 20) and I want to flood her IM with lots of happy b-day pictures :-) So, if you can help me out it would be much appreciated. Spud
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    Writing an article....need help

    Thanks to whomever posted the link to I was writing a letter in response to an old article of theirs, they asked for permission to run the letter, I asked to revise it, and now I am doing an article for them Now, what I need is a few things. I already have the words, I just need...
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    Cool lighting (Warning, partial nudity)

    Well, now that I got all you perverts here.... Hey, I've been busy lately (school ) and haven't been posting or reading as much as I would like. It is spring break (highly overrated, and boring) and I decided to have some fun tonight. Here are the results. Large image at...
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    Motherboards question

    Ok, I've never built a computer from scratch before. I am wondering about motherboards. Mainly which brands are good. If all of the specs are the same, IE, can use same memory, processor, etc, are two brands pretty much equal? Specs I am wanting: At least 3 slots for memory (each supporting...
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    Windows (outlook) email question

    I currently have dual OS's. I want to be able to check my email on both of them. This is not a problem with the imap server where the emails are stored on the server, but for my other email, it is pop and the new emails are downloaded to the computer. Does anyone have any idea whether I can set...
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    Surefire LA's

    Surefire LA\'s So, how do you get one apart? I am wanting to use that nice reflector on my 3 minute P60 (new one on the way). Do you just cut to potting compound that seems to be holding the ceramic disk and reflector together? If you have sucessfully pulled on apart, please tell how. Spud
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    Tater Rockets new mod

    123 powered LS, red/orange high dome at 55 lumens. Pics to follow. Appx length: 2 123 cells or so. Spud
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    Anyone know much about the subject? I downloaded a program where I can put in a frequency and it plays it. Who wants to help me find the resonate frequency of my dorm floor? I found the frequency of my room, around 40-45 htz. The floor is approximately 100-150 feet long. But I am wondering about...
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    (read last post by me for my plans) If I buy the AN14 (only $6.50 at LPS!) how many 123's will fit in then? 4? Four would be awesome as I could use 4 1000 mAh 123 size cells for pretty much the same performance, except MAYBE lower runtime. If somebody could, tell me the length of the tube so I...
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    G2/G2R AN14 question

    If I buy the AN14 (only $6.50 at LPS!) how many 123's will fit in then? 4? Four would be awesome as I could use 4 1000 mAh 123 size cells for pretty much the same performance, except MAYBE lower runtime. If somebody could, tell me the length of the tube so I know how many of what kind of...
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    A REALLY ugly knife

    And the armed forces are thinking about making this the replacement for the current USAF survival knife (i have one that I inherited from grandpa, it is nice, I just can't sharpen knives for crap). Spud