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  1. missionaryman

    My ~1300 lumen mag 761 and ~10,000 lumen mag 458

    Great lights, can't believe how easy it is to make crazy high power incans now with off the shelf parts and pre tested data, 5 years ago this build would have taken you 2 years, made your hair turn grey and you would have had to sell your car to fund it.
  2. missionaryman

    "The Brothers" Twin stylish 2C mag11's

    Nice lights, good to see hi powered incans still being modded. I know there are brighter LED's but these will throw better and set stuff on fire!
  3. missionaryman

    Maglite tail swich build.

    I'm glad you're doing these, it's been a very long time since Mac stopped making his without any options in between. I have an existing cut down and re-anodised host that I'd like to convert to a tailswitch type, if I sent it to you could you mod it? I'll send you a pm with my email because I...
  4. missionaryman

    100 Watt HID Mod - 8000 Lumens (estimated)

    Eager to see the mag mod version
  5. missionaryman

    Home Made Tank Light - The Swan Blaster 260W Short Arc

    I really hate the reluctance from manufacturers to go outside the square, if they bothered looking they'd probably find they had a scrap that may be close but not exactly what you wanted and could do it for $50 but instead they quote worst case scenario based on using an entire sheet and...
  6. missionaryman

    Review with pics and beamshpts: G&P Scorpion

    Hi André, nice review thank you for sharing. Where did you get this light? Do you have details of the bulb you replaced with and the 50w ballast that you know others have successfully used?
  7. missionaryman

    Seeing demand for an improved reflector for the ebay HID torches

    The big diameter can be up to 76mm, the 19mm hole is necessary for the bulb to fit through and no 40mm is all we get to play with unless we modify which is too expensive to bother with on a light this cheap
  8. missionaryman

    Xeray 250 Watt HID Flashlight Project Discussions

    I remember reading about the Barn Burner when it was being concocted then seeing the beam shots post release and being floored by its performance. There just doesn't seem to be that level of development any more, maybe we're on the other side of the technological J curve now but it would be...
  9. missionaryman

    Vintage Meyer Flashlight, drop in mod

    Thanks for the recommendation, for me personally the words performance and 140 lumens don't really fit in the same sentence. You don't buy a 140 lumen drop in if you're after performance of any kind but if we were comparing to a 36 year old incandescent globe (which we are in the topic of this...
  10. missionaryman

    UltraMag 1.25C

    It's good to see some real modding still happening, nice work
  11. missionaryman


    Wow, I'm glad you weren't hurt and the house didn't get damaged any worse than it did. I've always been very careful with mine and only charge them in single cell array but it still makes me worry about the long D cell Li Ion battery that drives my P7 Mag shorty - if it goes up I'll be in...
  12. missionaryman

    Application of 40W HID: equip my bike

    If you power your bike with a jet engine then you are simply not doing it justice with a 40w HID, you need to handlebar mount a Megaray to keep it all proportional.
  13. missionaryman

    Seeing demand for an improved reflector for the ebay HID torches

    By default they are 76mm wide x 40mm deep with a 19mm hole.
  14. missionaryman

    [ URGENT HELP NEEDED ] How to plug 400w Halogen on Ebike Lithium Battery

    The halogen bulb uses a huge amount of inrush current until the filament heats up and triggers the safety on the battery, the now nearly extinct incan modder's trick to overcome this is to strobe the switch very quickly for a few seconds until the filament gets warm and the light starts up. Once...
  15. missionaryman

    3D showerhead 128 LED light - conversion to coolness

    Re: 3D showerhead LED light - conversion to coolness Nice result, I've never seen anyone get so many lucky breaks all in the one mod
  16. missionaryman

    Vintage Meyer Flashlight, drop in mod

    Check out seller oldcastiron, overpriced but make him an offer just before it ends
  17. missionaryman

    Vintage Meyer Flashlight, drop in mod

    They didn't have any more but similar new (old) in original package lights show up from time to time, in fact thers a few now if you do a worldwide search for "vintage flashlight" just watch out for the copies that are just cheap Chinese knock offs
  18. missionaryman

    Seeing demand for an improved reflector for the ebay HID torches

    My photos didn't turn out too well (partly due to an over zealous security guard who had to experience 2200 lumens in strobe mode before he agreed to put his paltry halogen spotlight out of my face) but mainly due to too much ambient light for me to see what I was illuminating. What I can tell...