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    Tigerlight doesn't seem as bright

    Re: Tigerlight doesn\'t seem as bright dkelly, I think you've either damaged your pack or your charger isn't working properly. First of all is the red charging light on ? If not, check the open circuit voltage of the charger, it should be around 11 Vdc. If it isn't check your DC power supply...
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    Tigerlight charger won't

    Re: Tigerlight charger won\'t Josey and Casey, I just checked my charger the open circuit voltages are: 11.3 Vdc at the output of the charger 12.1 Vdc at the input of the charger 10 Vdc seems a little low, what's the voltage and current rating of the DC power supply you are using? Jim Skinner
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    Tigerlight charger won't

    Re: Tigerlight charger won\'t Josey, [ QUOTE ] But the charger delivers 7.6V (at least before I connect it to the Tigerlight), while the Tigerlight in a partially discharged state reads 7.73V. That doesn't seem right. And CaseyTan said his charger read 10V, if I read his post correctly...
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    Tigerlight charger won't

    Re: Tigerlight charger won\'t Josey I've been modifing the Tigerlight charging cradle for Jim Sexton's Tiger85 modification, See Thread Here and I've found poor soldering on on the input and output wires that connect to the PCB in the charging cradle. On my personnel cradle there were cold...
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    TIGERLIGHT - New Lamp Modules

    I just received my new Tigerlight on Monday and I'd have to agree with most of the complaints. However if you consider the price performance ratio there is nothing that can really touch it. Any light of similar brightness is going to be much more expensive. As for the lens problem when I ordered...