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  1. missionaryman

    Vintage Meyer Flashlight, drop in mod

    I was scouring the bowels of eBay one day and came upon this light, it was old (understatement of the millennium) stock in a hardware store and sat on the shelf for about 26 years. Until I snapped it up for about $10, it came to me with the original packaging and bulb and worked right out of...
  2. missionaryman

    A new home for the Lumapower family

    Now my wife will let me keep them on the mantlepiece... Lights: Lumapower Trust Model 1 - 350 lumen multi-mode EDC Lumapower Trust Model 2 - 450 lumen multi mode EDC for people with big hands & pockets ;) Case: Split lid wit Anton Gerner brass hinge & antique clasp Queen Ebony & Rock maple...
  3. missionaryman

    A few questions about making a Thor hid

    I've looked and searched prior to posting this to make sure I'm not asking something that's already been answered so forgive me if it has and I've missed it. I plan on fitting a 24v 100w HID into a Thor Colossus but before I start I have concerns about getting the beam properly focused. I've...
  4. missionaryman

    50,000 Lumen (OTF) 400w HID lantern feeler thread

    As the title suggests this is a feeler thread to see if there is an interest big enough to make this a production reality. I am proposing to develop and manufacture a hand held, rechargeable, variable brightness, water resistant HID lantern. If this project sees the light of day the end...
  5. missionaryman

    Has anyone had any experience with Kaidomain SKU: S006762

    This looks like a pretty cool light, 3 x 18650 with an 80mm reflector and a claimed output of 1200L. Any incan with that big a reflector is sure going to throw a nice beam. Has anyone bought one and got some useful info on it?
  6. missionaryman

    Sold/Expired FS: Nickel Fivemega MAG623 100w 13 2/3A host

    I have for sale a previously unused as new condition Fivemega 100w host, it's cut down, tri bored, re threaded and head finned then nickel plated by Fivemega. It polishes up to a beautiful mirror finish, original sales thread is HERE. Bought for $83, selling for $55 (last price reduction) +...
  7. missionaryman

    Sold/Expired FS: 2D LiIon ROP - 1 Hr run time!

    As new 2D pewter ROP - 1150 lumens with 1hr run time rechargeable Lithium Ion 2D cell battery pack - fitted with soft start Pewter 2D cell host - as new condition 5000mah Kai protected 2D LiIon pack Kai smart charger 2 x Pelican 3854 SLA Big D bulbs in pack + 1 x 3854H in light MOP Kai Aluminium...
  8. missionaryman

    Sold/Expired SOLD ROP in Vintage CHROME 5D host running off 6C 3.5" Head

    Vintage 5D Wizard chrome host 3.5" head with silver plated reflector 1 x 3854 H bulb semi frosted for nice beam 6 x Aero 4500mah NIMH C cells resistance reduced tailspring Progolded & deoxited everywhere Switch has momentary and permanent function This is a very nice, original and practical ROP...
  9. missionaryman

    *Now Built* P7 has converted me from incan only to LED - now I need help building one

    *Now Built & beamshots added* P7 need help building one Project is now complete see post #56 for beamshots & photos Yes up until now I was an incan man through and through but the SSC P7 has impressed me enough to cross over. Now I need help building one please. I've done my research...
  10. missionaryman

    Sold/Expired WTB: Stock D switch assembly

    Hi people, The switch in my 2D melted during a run time test on a 5761 with a pr-bipin drop in and wont work any longer. I know I can get one for $4.95 online but they all want to UPS it to me in Australia for about $20 when a pre paid USPS GPM bag is $5 or less, anyone willing to help out?
  11. missionaryman

    A hotwire that's practical...

    This is about my 15th hotwire build and I'm starting to get over the whole 500000000 lumens for 10 seconds wow lights, I want something practical that's still bright. The cheapest & easiest bright hotwire to build is the ROP so I chose it but I don't want fiddly battery carriers, expensive...
  12. missionaryman

    Kaidomain 32600 7.2v packs

    Has anyone got any experience with these battery packs yet? They are essentially a 2D LiIon 7.2v pack. I am not sure how to safely use the supplied charger and mine won't fire up the ROP high without an NTC which makes all their wonderful claims of high current constant discharge a pile of crap.
  13. missionaryman

    Introducing Ropzilla... 7C 1500+L 4" reflector vintage ROP

    After reading Lux Luthor's tests on the ROP high bulb I decided to try driving my well used 3854H bulb into 8.6v territory with 7 5000mah C cells and it worked without flashing, the claimed output is about 2000L less reflector losses. The big C's don't sag under the nearly 5amps and the only...
  14. missionaryman

    Calling on praying CPF'ers for some help

    Hi all, I am calling on CPF friends for support in prayer for a situation I'm facing. I am a father of two boys (1 & 2 years old) married and recently resigned from a good job with a huge company I'd been with for 8 years. Things took a turn for the bad for me over there and I took a new job...
  15. missionaryman

    I'm pretty sure I have discovered a new Hotwire bulb

    With the help of NorthernLights (thanks very much for ordering and delivering to Aus for me) and AWR's Hotrater I have discovered a new superbulb that I don't think anyone has used before. Testing it in my regulated (9.5v) M-64 set up it is definitely brighter than the 1164 and costs about the...
  16. missionaryman

    Sold/Expired FS Silver 2C ROP with FM 2" deep reflector - 700 Torch Lumens

    Silver 2C Maglite in new condition No longer available FM 2" Deep Reflector for near perfect beam and excellent throw while retaining focusability 2 x LG 2400mah 18650's Custom Ertalon battery sleeve made by Icarus Pro Gold & DeOxit everywhere Pelican 3854 - HAsking $95 + postage First...
  17. missionaryman

    THE 1164 IS HISTORY! Enter the P-7388 FHE After waiting months for 2 1164's then having one crack in half after 1 hour's use I got pretty cranky and started looking, there had to be another 6v 20w 2000hr lamp somewhere and there is! The P-7388 FHE from TopBulb at...
  18. missionaryman

    Sold/Expired Wanted: M2 Reflector - stippled (LS, MS or HS)

    As the title suggests I'm after Modamag stippled M2 reflector in any one of the 3 stippled finishes with either cammed or camless and the hole size is not that important. If anyone has an unused one or wants to swap for an exact copy smooth cammed fivemega reflector please post here and we can...
  19. missionaryman

    MAG1164-HD 1000 Lumens Regulated Incan

    Inspired by Fivemega's first tamperings with this bulb (the WA-1164) I felt I had to build one of my own, but because of how much stress 9.6v was putting on a 6v bulb I wanted it regulated, so I decided to use a Hotdriver. Hence the name I decided on is the MAG1164-HD The initial plan was 8 x...
  20. missionaryman

    Ray O Vac - 85 30 years old 12" & 900 Lumens - pics added

    It's a 3D Rayovac Sportsman running a potted 1185 with 10AA Sanyo 2500 & 2 Dummy AA's. Brighter than my ROP's but the filament is slightly off-centre. A big thanks to Raybo for the Potted 1185 and the battery carriers The Rayovac next to the ROP 2C: Beamshots at a tree across the road -...