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  1. parametrek

    Recommend me a replacement for Convoy L6

    That stinks. But it might be very easy to get it working again. Convoys are known for how easy they are to mod and that is because they don't use threadlocker anywhere. But there is a consequence to that - threads can work themselves loose. It sounds like the retaining ring in the tailswitch...
  2. parametrek

    Light to sweep property for invasive, toxic, well-camouflaged toads

    I know of only 2 lights that offer high CRI and 21700 and USB-C: The Sofirn IF25 (Luminus SST-20 and $30) or the Acebeam EC65 (Nichia 219C version and $100). The IF25 has a slightly tighter beam but either would probably work.
  3. parametrek

    What are the BEST compact AA flashlights of 2020? (high cri)

    Plugging your requirements into my database finds a few options. The Zebralight H53c is very compact The Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 has a Nichia 219C option and comes in a fancy titanium version The Skilhunt M150 recently added a Samsung LH351D option The Manker E03H II is nice but probably has...
  4. parametrek

    Tactical 1" format rear clicky >20000cd with easy access to strobe

    You can plug that into the database too and find out ;) There are several lights that size with 20k cd. However none of them have what I would consider a directly accessible strobe. Nitecore P10GT (tail switch) Nitecore MH12GT (seems to be the same as yours but with microusb charging)...
  5. parametrek

    Tactical 1" format rear clicky >20000cd with easy access to strobe

    I plugged those requirements into my database and there are a few promising lights that feature a directly accessible strobe. I think the best of them would be the Fenix TK11 TAC. Goes for about $75.
  6. parametrek

    Headlamp recommendation

    The Thrunite TH10 V2 is still the throwiest headlamp in my database. Why are you recharging the light instead of swapping in a spare battery? The recharging process takes hours and wastes a substantial chunk of energy from multiple voltage conversions. Swapping in a fresh battery would make...
  7. parametrek

    AA Compact light with tail switch and dual output. This must be doable right guys?

    Plugging those requirements (1xAA, 2 levels, tail switch, no tailstand, with clip) into my database finds 5 matches. I think the best of those for you would be the Olight i5T. Its modes are 15 lumens and 300 lumens. Costs about $30. There is also a copper version for $40 if you want...
  8. parametrek

    PLS Recommend a BRIGHT + SIMPLE black tactical that stands on its end

    Plugging those requirements into my flashlight search finds a couple of promising options. The standout is the Sofirn SD05. This is a budget dive light of surprisingly quality. (Good enough that it is regularly recommended in recreational diving groups.) It costs under $50 and is available...
  9. parametrek

    AA or AAA with specific requirements.

    My database was made for this sort of thing :) Plugging in 1xAAA or 1xAA with a clip and both momentary and tail switches returns 44 possible lights. With more details about your preferences I could narrow it down further. Some highlights: $20 Olight i3T EOS $28 Thrunite Archer 1A V3 (if...
  10. parametrek

    Fire Fighter/EMT looking for Flashlight (Does not need to be Intrinsically Safe)

    Plugging in your requirements to my database finds a bunch. The most sturdy of them include: Pelican 8060 Pelican 3310R Pelican 7070R Fenix RC20 Fenix UC20 Fenix RC15 Of those the 8060 has the most throw and the tightest beam.
  11. parametrek

    One month runtime

    Plugging in 1xAA or 1x18650 and 744 hours minimum finds 126 models in my database. Almost all of these are well under 1 lumen. Enough to read by or not trip over things in the dark. Some highlights: The least expensive is the $20 Wowtac A2 with a 45 day firefly Most Armyteks and all...
  12. parametrek

    Need help choosing the right AAA EDC flashlight

    The most popular AAA light that I've seen in ultralight groups is the $14 Thrunite Ti3. It can do 12 lumens for 6 hours. Also can be clipped to the brim of a hat for hands free use. And it has an extremely dim firefly mode that is perfect for preserving your night vision.
  13. parametrek

    Small and good looking EDC Light

    Welcome to the forums. Tiny with RGB is a tricky! The only decent RGB light in your budget that I know of is the $50 Jetbeam RRT26. But it is 6 inches long.
  14. parametrek

    Seeking 1xAA Single Mode Flashlights

    Welcome to CPF. Single mode SK68 :)
  15. parametrek

    Ive been looking for this light since 2012

    It sounds like you want a tail e-switch with customizable firmware. Take a look at the FW3A.
  16. parametrek

    Light for Night Fishing - With LED Color That Won't Attract Bugs!

    I have noticed that warm white tends to attract slightly less bugs than cool white. "Like a moth to a candle" warm white will still attract bugs. Don't worry about the batteries and water. Any respectable headlamp will be completely sealed. Avoid 3xAAA since their runtimes tend to be...
  17. parametrek

    Small 2x123A/18650 flashlight for machine shop (wet environment) and concrete floors

    Check out the SKilhunt H03 series. It is an anglehead but it has the floodier beam pattern you want and is pretty compact. They are $25-$45 depending on where you buy them. No one seems to do rubberized 18650 lights but these are rated for 1 meter impacts onto concrete. You could add rubber...
  18. parametrek

    Longest runtime 1x18650

    Take a look at Zebralight. They have the most efficient drivers and so the longest runtimes.
  19. parametrek

    Thrunite TN35 versus ???

    It was best of class 5 years ago. It is still a decent light but there are better models. Control rings are not that common 2750 lumens isn't that much by modern standards But it can sustain high output pretty nicely 518 meters of throw isn't that impressive for an 80mm bezel size The...
  20. parametrek

    Two mode (high /low) AA flashlights?

    There are 33 AA powered flashlights with 2 modes and no (or hidden) strobe modes in my database. Some of them "cheat" by using programmable mode groups. Most of the rest are older lights that are getting hard to find. There is however a brand new 2 mode AA light that is easy to find: the...