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    Best 10440 battery for DQG Ti VIII Titanium AAA/10440

    Check out RTDVapor. They sell a button top version of the Efest 10440 IMR cell. The cell is blue.
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    I have one of the earlier units as well. I had one pin break a few months back and another break within the past month. I just used screws (spare screws from RC cars - not even sure of size) that would thread into the silicon board a bit and it's worked fine. I did make sure there are no metal...
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    lipo charger. do or don't ?

    I won't disagree that parallel charging works, the bigger concern is taking 2 or more cells that may not have the same voltage and putting them together. The cell with the higher voltage will charge the cell with the larger voltage until they stabilize. And that will be at a very high current...
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    lipo charger. do or don't ?

    ^^^ That's not bad, but you don't have any balancing using that method unless you are parallel charging - which is not recommended. Also - I would use a black wire for (-) and a red one for (+). Using two red wires you might accidentally plug things in reverse polarity.
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    lipo charger. do or don't ?

    Just my opinion, but anything that you have to "rig up" for Li Ion batteries is inherently dangerous, especially using magnets. Just using magnets in test setups I don't find they hold very well when you have the weight of wire attached to them. This presents a a scenario where magnets could...
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    Determining which batteries (of 4) are bad? (Nitecore TM16 now works!)

    To test the batteries I would: - Charge them up - Put them in the light and run it for a bit - Pull the batteries and take a voltage reading on all four. - The bad one is likely the one with less voltage. Note: If you have a charger that can cycle the cells do a Charge/Discharge cycle and you...
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    Please Recommend a High Quality, Durable, 12v–24v Cigarette Socket ---> USB Adapter

    Re: Please Recommend a High Quality, Durable, 12v–24v Cigarette Socket ---> USB Adap I have read nothing but good reviews about Anker. I have several auto adapter and AC multi port USB products and the IQ ones have worked great for me.
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    Li-Ion vs AA/AAA - Which do you prefer in the wilderness?

    vicv - I'm not so sure since he mentioned any AA/AAA alkaline battery in the OP. I feel it's safer to assume he didn't. To the OP - I would do what any good flashaholic would do - buy two lights. One 18650 and a backup AA.
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    Li-Ion vs AA/AAA - Which do you prefer in the wilderness?

    I am in agreement with Bucur. You didn't list NiMH LSD batteries as a possibility and that's one of the best options. You get long runtimes and the ability to recharge in the field with solar without having to worry about higher voltage cells with lower capacities than their counterparts.
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    Any decent solution yet in replacing CR123A cells with secondaries?

    Hmmmmm..... I had to actually go back and check to see what you mean about the hourglass shape in the A2. If you look real hard you can see a bit of an hourglass shape in the corona. This looks exactly the same in the E-series bi-pin as well (I have both). But, I feel that Tad's bi-pin is better...
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    Any decent solution yet in replacing CR123A cells with secondaries?

    Any rechargeable will likely be dangerous to incandescent bulbs. Even a fully charge LiFePO4 will be 3.6 volts at full charge and will likely blow a single CR123a bulb. You best choices are to get either a LumensFactory bulb that can handle a RCR123 cell or one of Tad's bi-pins and some bulbs...
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    Charging IMR vs LiCo

    I would stick to the 1C rule even if the cells say they can be charged faster. Unless you're in a rush you'll get a fuller charge and it won't be as hard on the cells in the long run.
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    A series of beginner 18350 questions

    I just wanted to jump in here quickly to correct the above statement on the 3.7v markings. It's not that the cell is 3.7v under load on average - that doesn't really have anything to do with it. 3.7 volts is what is called the "nominal" voltage of the cell. It's not fully charged and it's not...
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    Do your CR123A primaries emit noticeable smell, when exhausted?

    Every CR123 cell I've ever had has a slight smell to it. I figured it was just part of the chemistry that had a very strong odor that even the sealed shell couldn't contain. Never made a habit of sniffing it for a long time as it doesn't smell too good.
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    Cr123 Vs 2XAA

    If you want to use 2xAA I would invest in some Eneloop Pros (or the Amazon Basics equiv) which will give you 2500mAh and be able to handle the current draw without sacrificing much in the form of capacity. In this scenario you would get almost twice the runtime as a single CR123 cell. If you...
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    Advice Needed On Lux Meters

    ^^ That's pretty cool. I may have to give that a try.
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    Advice Needed On Lux Meters

    A lux meter tells you the brightness of a point of light. A lux meter is used in conjunction with an Integrating Sphere to determine lumens. Calibration is required for this type of setup.
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    Advice Needed On Lux Meters

    If you're looking for a lower cost meter just to do some comparison testing with the Dr.Meter is a $40 alternative. It has good reviews on Amazon and I've been happy with it for the little bit I use it for.
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    Disposable batteries question

    +1 Very important advice if you plan to use the cells in series in 2+ cell lights. Never mix old and new cells.
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    How do they do it?

    I think most if not all 7135 based circuits (and please correct me if I am wrong) use PWM to regulate the output levels (except for full power which just passes everything the 7135s will allow). I looked up the circuit datasheet and it doesn't indicate anything about output level control - the...