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    Fell over into the 'HI-CRI' side (Nichia 219) Now my XML beams feel garish and fugly.

    I keep waiting for the 219 to be introduced on a mainstream light, but it doesn't seem to be happening. Only small, one-off batches of drop-ins or small builder lights. I think a 18650 light w/magnetic control ring using the 219 would do it for me.
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    Thrunite Ti (1xAAA 0.04 to 60 lumen) for 5$ total.

    just hit slickdeals, won't be in stock for long now ...
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    Post your Nichia 219 4500k beamshots

    That's the first I've heard of anyone being able to open the head on a Preon, and mod it. Congrats! Was it a Preon 0,1, or 2? Have a Preon 1 Ti that could definitely use this high CRI Nichia.
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    **NEW** Sunwayman V11R (XM-L U2, 500lm)

    the mr. elfin, the revolution ... what's with the cheesy names? i like the clean aesthetics of the original lights.
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    Buying IncenDio V3U XM-L T5 Neutral - Need Battery/Charger Advice

    this light is a great choice. i use it for running, and for that the floody beam is perfect. i've been using the trustfire (gray) 16340's for months with no problem whatsoever.
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    Nitecore T5 AAA keychain light

    i think nitecore nailed it. if reasonably priced will definitely consider.
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    SureFire EB1 Backup 200 Lumen Flashlight

    i laugh at surefire release dates. i can't think of anything i trust less.
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    AAA Zebralight?

    lol, take it easy. I'd like to see a aaa light from zl also. with a energizer l92 (.3 oz) it might make a good light to clip to runners shirt collar. maybe a serac s3 type wire clip. solid, light, but no screw mount points if you wanted to remove it, just a groove.
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    Small one cell CR123 EDC: Logan, Malkoff VME or ...?

    Agree that the lumapower incendio (v3u xm-l neutral) is a great 1x123 light, and definitely recommend it, especially bright on a rechargeable battery. One of my favorite UI's with the ability to lock an output level in if preferred. Chrisdm sums up my thoughts about the glow in the dark...
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    Who has preordered Sunwayman Anniversary Edition Lights?

    v10r ae #15 damn_hammer. two dings, beam on my incendio v3u limited edition xm-l t5 (neutral) is cleaner, and wish the adjustment ring was more tactile. third, could use a solid clip. overall nice, but could be better.
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    Any love for DQG II? (smallest 1xAAA flashlight in existence)

    i love mine. it replaced the Ti Preon I on my keychain. i have the neutral DQG II, and the tint is perfect. two faults. the first has been resolved already, but initial releases were picky about which aaa's worked. the second, ate an o-ring. unscrewed the head yesterday, and the o-ring was...
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    geocache flashlight around 60 dollar

    two lights come to mind: 1. lumapower incendio v3u 2. thrunite neutron 1c both have a neutral xm-l option, take 1x123, and can put out 400+ lumens using rechargeable li-ion. both also have a clicky, aka one-handed off/on, and mode change with no mode skips. i own the lumapower, and like it...
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    Who has preordered Sunwayman Anniversary Edition Lights?

    helz yeahz, just got ship notice from batt junction on my anniversary v10r ... can't wait.
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    Who has preordered Sunwayman Anniversary Edition Lights?

    i did! yesterday afternoon, from bj. it's been a long wait for a neutral v10r from sunwayman, but i've held out. now to locate a nice clip for it. i think ku ku is out.
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    Zebralight SC80

    the diff, read all about it:
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    QC issue with ZebraLight - now settled!

    Re: Disappointed with the QC of ZebraLight SC50+ the pics make me think zl should release a camo version. no surprise to me that zl backed up their product ... example of their top shelf customer service, as always.
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    Maglite LED now using Cree XP-E

    i've checked out several mini mag packages ... green=XPE. does anyone know what colors the 2xaa LED multi-modes come in? i'm only finding grey, and black. looking for a 2xaa in pink, purple, something for a girl which i only see in the old non-LED version. [edit] nm, found the answer on...
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    New Zebralight 4 AA Q50!

    agreed. how comfortably it holds in the hand is another question. if it feels great it hand i could get past the ugly.
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    The Official "I want a 4Sevens/Quark NEUTRAL XML" Thread :)

    shouldn't this be in the manufacturers corner of the the market place where it can be ignored just like the other threads requesting specific products from 4sevens.
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    Incendio V3 Question

    I've been looking for a 1x123 sized light with a Neutral color temp LED (XP-G, but pref for XM-L) for some time to use for early morning/late afternoon trail runs. Based on the Incendio interface description it seems simple yet flexible without superfluous (for my uses) modes like strobe. A...