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    First time I ordered from Neal I received my shipping notice a day after I ordered and items were shipped in a timely fashion. ww Did a 2nd order a couple of weeks later and received nothing for 2 shipping notice, ZERO commnication and he refused to answer my emails...finally got...
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    The Lounge 2021

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    The Lounge 2021

    now you're just teasing us haha...don't know what it is about the emisar/NOCTIGON lineup but I just love Hank's D18vn is just awesome, appreciate it more and more every time I use it...if I could only have 1 light it would be my D4Svn, so practical, small size with huge...
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    The Lounge 2021

    Spin your magic on that K9.3 Vinh...W2's' or W1's, need a throw version👍🤑🔦
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    Lights You Want Me To Mod

    Definitely interested to see what Vinh can do with the MK37...hoping he can stretch it out to over 1000 metres of throw. Also can't wait to see what he can do with the new NOCTIGON K9.3, very interesting light and hoping he can fit some W2's and W1's in there...will be a must have for me.
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    Emisar D18vn - Best SubCompact Popcan R

    Finally pulled the trigger on a D18vn and man am I impressed! I prefer to buy things that are quality, high performance, solid and well built that are designed to last a long time...this light checks ALL those boxes. I chose the sand colour with polished HC Bezel and went with the 6W1 12W2 LED...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Zebralights

    Ship to Canada? Would like to buy the SC52 L2 please message me
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    SBT90 G2 LED - The 2020 Thrower LED

    Wow thanks for the in-depth response Patriot, truly appreciate you taking the time to help. Like you, I enjoy hiking at night and sometimes do short overnighters...Like you, I also wear a headlamp and carry a D4Svn V2 and a K30GT for when I need to see a bit further out (there are a lot of...
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    SBT90 G2 LED - The 2020 Thrower LED

    Any chance you might try it in a Thrunight Catapult V6??? Add some copper to manage the heat??? Anyone (looking at you Patriot -:) have any ideas on rough numbers regarding output and throw? I think it would be a MUST HAVE if Vinh could get it to throw over 1000m...thoughts anyone?
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    Sold/Expired WTB Fenix LD60vn

    Anybody have one of these in mint condition? Thanks
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    Just got my Eagletac GX30A3D in the mail....

    Oh yeah, Dupree is really going to dig this new light for sure. Thanks again to Shadowcaster and Markr6 for all the help. got a whole bunch of Energizer L91's ready for the light...they are so light and pack a ton of juice and work well in the cold.
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    Just got my Eagletac GX30A3D in the mail....

    Thanks for the link Brother, really gives me a good idea of what to expect! It's pretty much As I imagined, it will be great on low mode sitting in the top gear loft of a tent or hanging it from a tree branch while setting up camp at it acts as a regular flashlight too. I've been...
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    Just got my Eagletac GX30A3D in the mail....

    Man I've searched everywhere for a review on this light and can't find a thing??? Any chance you remember the link to the review? Any help much appreciated.
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    Just got my Eagletac GX30A3D in the mail....

    Thank you so much Shadowcaster for all your input/info on the light. Whatever shots you can post will be great. I spend a ton of time in the backwoods and walk a lot at night and wanted something with a bit of throw and some flood...but all in a small package as weight is critical when in the...
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    Just got my Eagletac GX30A3D in the mail....

    Any pics? I'm dying to see what the diffuser looks like when lit up. Is the main beam pretty narrow, I would imagine it is very narrow, tight and focused for it to be able to reach out such a distance. if you can post any pics at all, even if they're crappy that's fine and would be much...
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    Sold/Expired WTT TN36 CW for LD50/LD50vn

    I have a brand new Thrunite TN36 Cool White with less than 45 minutes runtime...light has zero dents, scratches, nicks, is in pristine, flawless condition. I have the box and all the accessories that were included when I bought it from Amazon (shipped directly from Thrunite) is...
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    New guy from Canada

    Another thumbs up for Jesse at Keenbeam. His prices might seem a bit high but the taxes are included. Still cheaper than paying duties and import fees if ordering through the U.S. Especially with the crappy exchange rate right now. I wont buy a light from a U.S. based retailer right now...
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    Help Choosing 1AA Headlamp, 2AA flashlight, and 1AA flashlight

    My AA kit: Headlamp: ZL H52 (great UI, great performance, built like a tank, physical lockout) Cheap AA light: Fenix E12 (low-medium-high, well made, only weighs 1 ounce, physical lockout) I wear the E12 with an Energizer L91 lithium in it, a tiny folding lightweight pocket knife and a...
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    Help Choosing 1AA Headlamp, 2AA flashlight, and 1AA flashlight

    I have a ZL H52 and it rocks, so definitely grab one of those, you will not be disappointed. As for a cheaper 1 x AA the Fenix E12 is great and won't break the bank (although if you could afford a bit more go for the ZL SC52). When I first started I also wanted the same setup as you, a complete...
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    Headlamp, a bit stuck on which to buy

    I have the ZL H600 MK II and can't say enough good things about it. The ZB UI's are awesome giving the user so many options. The light is also very solid, built like a tank and I've even accidentally dropped it and not a scratch! I use mine almost every day and never had any issues, very...