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    WTB various Surefire and malkoff

    Looking for: Surefire M1, Malkoff camo md2, Surefire UM2, and Surefire e2dlt. CONUS only. Thanks
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    WTT Surefire G2/G3 package Used Surefire G3 with standard twisty tailcap, no drop in. 2x used Surefire G2 with older style twisty tailcaps that the “guts” will separate from the tailcap. P60 bulbs included. Looking to trade these for about $100 in value towards an HDS rotary, Surefire...
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    Sold/Expired WTT Surefire E1e and E2e GONE!

    BOTH SPOKEN FOR looking to trade these two surefires for or toward an HDS. I’d prefer to try a rotary model, but a click tailcap would be fine. I’d also prefer more than 250 lumens. Color tint is not a priority. Surefire E1e: click tailcap, functioning bulb...
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    Sold/Expired WTT Surefire G2 camo great condition camo Surefire G2 with p60 bulb. $50 ish value. But I’d like to trade towards one of the new Malkoff throw E series heads or a combination of Malkof “L”’s drop in and cash. or Surefile L1, LX2, C2 etc feel free to PM an offer however. USA...
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    Sold/Expired WTT Surefire gunmetal e2 up for grabs is a Surefire gunmetal e2. (E1 pictured not available) Great condition with only the smallest marks from storage over the years. Twist tail-cap, factory bulb and clip. Value at about $100 Looking to downgrade as this is too nice to use and...
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    Sold/Expired WTT Orange Malkoff 18650 body TRADED

    TRADED! Looking to get rid of my matte orange Malkoff 18650 mdc body. Includes black pocket clip and the adapter needed to use E series bezels. Good condition, never carried it much due to the way it felt in my hand, guess that’s why Malkoff doesn’t sell them anymore. Looking for just about...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Surefire M3LT

    Feeling nostalgic and testing the waters for an old M3LT. Condition isn’t important. Lookingto spend around $100. Thanks
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    Sold/Expired WTT zebralight sc62

    Looking to trade my Zebralight sc62 (18650, cool white) in excellent condition. Would like a Surefire P3X (newer style with knurling) XM weaponlight tail cap Surefire single mode defender ultra x300u-a surefire L1 would of course add cash to even things out. PM if interested
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    Sold/Expired WTT engraved Malkoff M60

    Ended up with two M60's. One engraved, one with the sticker (presumably from Elzetta). Up on the block is the engraved M60. I'd like to put this toward some other form of M61 other than the regular drop ins. (Maybe an HCRI etc). Or a Malkoff tri cap I'd put the trade value of this around $40...
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    Sold/Expired All sold. Thanks CPF

    Paypal preferred, US shipping only. Pictures in links. Please post "Ill take it" in thread to reduce confusion. surefire four sided A2 includes onion ring, white, blue, green, and red interchangeable LEDs. Good condition with one mark on the bezel crenellations. $120...$110...$100 sold...
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    Sold/Expired Surefire G2x fire rescue yellow Sold

    Here is a like new in box flourescent yellow G2x. 200 lumen, single mode. Comes with original box, paperwork and lanyard pictured. $60 Sold shipped in the US, via PayPal[email protected]/shares/1RJrdZ
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    Sold/Expired all gone. thanks

    Here are some Surefire lights i don't use much anymore, so I'll use the funds for some other hobbies. US shipping only please, PayPal only. Please post "I'll take it" in this thread and not via PM. Having so many lights for sale I'm bound to get lots of messages and I'll like to keep it...
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    Sold/Expired WTT Malkoff Houndog 18650

    up for trade is a great condition Malkoff 18650 hound dog bezel, cool tint. Trade value $100. Interested in a Surefire G3 + cash surefire M3LT a malkoff V2 bodyguard or the other Malkoff weaponlight bezels Malkoff camo md2 forgive the poor picture, those aren't blemishes just dust specs...
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    Sold/Expired WTT Surefire M3/4/6 malkoff md10

    All gone Up for trade is some Surefire M series goodies. M3 body/ value $75 M4 body/ value $75 M6 body/tailcap/battery value $125 Bezel Options: Malkoff MD10, Surefire KT4 bezel, Malkoff drop in adaptor, stock M3 bezel USA shipping only please...
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    Sold/Expired WTT Surefire crosshair M6 PENDING

    I got this in a stroke of luck but I am not a collector, and this piece deserves to be collected, not used. Surefire M6 crosshair serial number 980 flat bezel (note: not an exact color match with body, last picture is a good representation) condition: a small blemish on the tailcap under the...
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    Sold/Expired Surefire M4/M3 combo, Weaponlight bezel all that remains.

    Selling some lights that don't get used much, but all lights have been used. I will describe them as best I can but all should be assumed users. US shipping only please. PayPal only please. No batteries included. Surefire E2L body/tan tailcap and bezel (about 200 lumens). Wear on bezel edge...
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    Sold/Expired WTT malkoff hound dog 18650

    Looking to trade the malkoff houndog 18650 in cool white. One spot near the body from bumping something. Otherwise in good condition. This will be the head only, no body or tailcap. Trade value $100. Looking for surefires or HDS lights Pics coming soon
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    Sold/Expired WTT Surefire SR-07

    I have a new in package never opened SR-07 weaponlight switch I'd like to trade for other Surefire or malkoff goodies. Trade value $75. Thanks
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    Sold/Expired wtt Surefire FDE KX2C bezel

    Decided to put this Surefire KX2C bezel up for trade. It came on an FDE weapon light but it looks more bronze to me. I've pictured it next to an LX2 bezel for color comparison. I also tried to show the one ding on the edge from a drop. This appears to be 200 lumens as its very similar to the...
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    Sold/Expired edit: sold

    A few items up for trade HA C3 w/ z44 bezel (glow paint in the lens ring notches), twist tailcap, Malkoff M61 great condition although the bezel and tailcap dont match the body exactly. SW02 in great condition Z49 in well used condition. IMG_5510 IMG_5509 IMG_5511 Would like to try an...