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  1. fedcas

    Amazon Basics BLACK = Eneloop XX??

    Hi guys, A lot has been written about Amazon Basics WHITE NiMH LSD batteries and the general consensu seems they are basically rebranded eneleoops: same product code with just the -AMZN suffix added (for example HR-3UTG-AMZN), same specifications, both made in japan But what about the High...
  2. fedcas

    Tweaking protection pcb for 3.0V low voltage cut-off

    I’ve been googling for this for a while. I have a - poorly designed - circuit (actually it's a usb powerbank, no leds involved this time...) which has no low voltage cutoff so I want to add one. Actually i'm running it with a protected 18650, but i still want an external cutoff because: 1)...
  3. fedcas

    New Black Diamond Storm 2014

    BD recently released the new Spot 2014 on its website (you can read more here ) the new Storm it's not there yet... but i bet we'll have a new Storm soon! i'm really looking forward to...
  4. fedcas

    XP-G2 vs XT-E

    Hi everyone, i haven't found much information about XT-E but i think it's a pretty interesting LED, in particular, i think it's worth considering it as an alternative to the XP-G2. Both are rated at exactly the same @ 350 mA: Flux (lm) @ 85 °C: 139 lm (Cool White R5 @ 350 mA) The main point...
  5. fedcas

    Replacing a driver that uses momentary switch

    Hi, while i was trying to mod my fenix HL21 i shorted something and i burned the driver :sssh: not a big deal, i would have probably replaced it with something else anyway. But... now i think of it: i think drivers are usually made so that they swith mode when the input circuit is momentary...
  6. fedcas

    Which led is this black 5x5mm?

    Hi, i want my black diamond storm to be more bright in flood mode, so i need to know what led it mounts to check if i can find something much more efficient (i'm talking about the two SMDs of course, not the middle one which is an XP-E) the light comes from 6 white spots put in a W shape
  7. fedcas

    Tikka Plus / Tikka XP alternatives?

    Hi everyone, i've done a search and seems like there are only two and quite small threads about that:
  8. fedcas

    Broken 532nm DPSS Laser Pointer

    Hi, some time ago I bought a cheap 5mw laser pointer on ebay. I used it for a while, then I modded it to increase the current and after a short time it stopped working. Ok, everything seems normal, I knew that this way the diode life will be dramatically shorten... but it is not the diode who...
  9. fedcas

    Green Laser Power Supply

    Hi, I have a 5mW green laser pointer but I have broken it while trying a modification. Now I have unmounted it and I dissolded the diode from the circuit board. The diode has 3 pins, is there a way to check if the fault is in the circuit board and the diode is still working? I have looked for...