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    Sold/Expired LionHeart - STOP the PayPals

    FWIW I think it would be great if Charley got noticed by a large manufacturer, and was able to make some real money from his designs. Then he could quit his Law Enforcement career and spend more time designing and making custom lights. Jim Skinner
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    Sold/Expired LionHeart Pre-Order Now OPEN

    Paypal sent for full kit in HA3 Jim Skinner
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    Sold/Expired CPF CR2 II Benefit Raffle- choice of material

    Sasha Paypal sent for four tickets. Thanks Jim Skinner
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    Sold/Expired CPF & OceanPlanet Benefit Raffle

    Sasha, Two tickets please, Paypal sent Jim Skinner
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    Sold/Expired LionHeart Pre-Order Now OPEN

    Re: LionHeart Sign-Up List I don't know about anybody else but the reason I signed up is I've always wanted one of Mr Bulk's creations, and I have a bit of spare money at the moment. The other lights I own are SF M3, SF G2, Tigerlight with the Tiger11 and Tiger85 mods, ARC LSH-P, Fire~Fly 2...
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    Sold/Expired LionHeart Pre-Order Now OPEN

    Re: LionHeart Sign-Up List Charlie I'l go for 199 please Thanks Jim Skinner
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    Sold/Expired Firefly 2nd run pre-sale over - reg prices apply

    Re: Firefly second run pre-sale now open!! Paypal sent for 1 Firefly with a two stage switch and Fraen optic with international shipping. $126 total. Now for the long wait
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    Sold/Expired NEW CPF Fund Raiser Raffle

    I'm in, Paypal sent for 2 tickets