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    Streamlight 1L-1AA Lantern Kit

    Thanks fellas. I'm having a lot of fun with these. Even on low, the 1L-1AA puts out a good amount of light and will run about 8 hours on a Eneloop pro.
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    Whats the best/easy maglite upgrade (incan)

    Another way to go for a 2C ML25IT, is to run it on a single protected 21700 and a 3 cell xenon bulb. You will need a proper 21700 to 2C adapter for this and you only get 60 ish lumens but this is plenty for most uses around the house. There is no need to drill the reflector for the 3 cell bulb.
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    Whats the best/easy maglite upgrade (incan)

    Easiest = 3C Mag + 2X protected button top 21700's + a 6 cell Mag xenon bulb + a DIY spacer (optional).
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    Streamlight 1L-1AA Lantern Kit

    Another 3D printed Lantern Kit, this one for the Streamlight 1L-1AA:
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    Got a couple new axes for Christmas

    If you want a great machete, get yourself a 18" ontario with he molded on oraqnge D guard handle (no rivets to come loose) and saw off the D guard, leaving a litle up front as a cross guard and a little on the rear that covers the hooked end of the the tang. Sharpen her up and get a GI plastic...
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    Omicron-where things stand lately

    Only because they skipped the xi variant.
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    Omicron-where things stand lately

    Sorry about your Father - wishing him a full and speedy recovery. A neighbor of mine in her 90's beat covid last year, I hope your father does the same.
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    Omicron-where things stand lately

    Greta has something to say about that.
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    Good LED camping lantern?

    Currently, I use 3D printed diffusers/stands to turn my flashlights into lanterns,
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    7.4v drop-in LED for Maglite 2D?

    2 - 21700's are too long for a 2D Mag, unless you do some sort of spring mod like Matt Smith over at Lumencraft shows in his videos on yt for 26650's. you will need protected cells for safety. BTW 2X protected 21700's work real well in a 3C Mag. Most of the LED drop-ins rated for at least 3...
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    Looking for a light for a 60+ year old woman

    This^ a 2C ML25 running AA ultimate lithiums in adapter sleeves is would be real nice.
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    AAA Mini Mag Anti Roll Ring

    As with the M:L50, I couldn't find a anti roll ring for the AAA version of the Mini Mag, so I 3D printed one -
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    Longest throwing AA flashlight?

    The 351 lumen Mini Mag Pro Plus is rated for 181 M of ANSI throw, which is pretty good for a typical 2 AA light, but I prefer the Mag ML25, which is a compact 2 C cell light that can also run on AA's in spacers, rated for 337 M.
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    AA flashlight with a handle?

    There are some AA spotlights with pistol grips.
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    Will I turn into a Maglite fan once again?

    I also used to keep all of my programmable Mags set to momentary - high - eco, now I use the default high - low (medium) - eco setting for the ones I have set up as lanterns. The middle mode is great for this as it is not that much less bright than high, but does run much longer - eco mode also...
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    Rayovac rechagable at walmart

    That makes sense, but I wonder how many people know what an 18650 is? And wouldn't those who do be a bit miffed when they find out that they can't actually use 18650's in their new "18650" light?
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    Rayovac rechagable at walmart

    Thanks. That is a deal breaker for me.
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    Rayovac rechagable at walmart

    Yup. I don't why they still make lights like that, having to click through low is bad enough, but strobe too? Why even have strobe? I also don't see why they advertise it as a 18650 light when tyou can't remove the battery?
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    2D cell LED replacement?

    they can be hard to find. The HD's by me hang them from clips on the side of the selves either by the flashlights or near the batteries up front by the checkout end caps, often mixed in with other small nite-ize stuff.