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  1. BigBluefish

    Fishing light AAA or AA

    Looking for a red 1 x AAA (or AA, but AAA preferred) light to clip to the brim of a ball cap for night fishing. A couple output modes would be good. Decent water resistance a plus.
  2. BigBluefish

    Light for Night Fishing - With LED Color That Won't Attract Bugs!

    I am thinking amber, or perhaps yellow-green, but not really sure. The damn things (no-see-ums, mosquitoes and it seem every other kind of biting critter) seem to find me in the dark, anyway, regardless of repellent, but I'd rather not bump into stuff or put a hook through my finger, so...
  3. BigBluefish

    Hey, Nitecore! Bring back the Defender Infinity!

    Just a random thought, noticing another NiteCore thread here. A lot of AA lights have come and gone since I joined CPF; some good, some...meh. NiteCore pretty much lost me several years ago. Just noting really appealing in the lineup. When it was in production, though, I thought the D10...
  4. BigBluefish

    Sold/Expired For Sale: SureFires: AZ2-S, Stratum, EB1; [Olight: SOLD]

    Soooo, going to try to do this, initially, without pics, since my photo-site, which shall remain nameless, seems to have oh-so-inconveniently bitten the dust on 4/20, at least temporarily. Guess it's an example of "you get what you pay for" (the guys with paid accounts are wicked-pissed no...
  5. BigBluefish

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn: SureFire G2 w/M61W & Malkoff M61WLL

    WITHDRAWN: I just looked over at Gene's site, and he's running a sale on M61s, so.... I'll just have to live with my G2 setup, and find some other way to fund some more M31s and an AA tube. Anybody want to buy a kidney, or a liver? Oh, wait, I still need the liver. I have for sale a...
  6. BigBluefish

    Sold/Expired Both SOLD

    I have a DPX H.E.A.T. up for sale. I purchased this on another forum a weeks ago, and am finding it just doesn't fit my hand as comfortably as I thought it would, and is a bit heavy for lightweight slacks, so I'm going to have to move it on, as I also grabbed a couple items off my...
  7. BigBluefish

    Sold/Expired WITHDRAWN: Quark Mini AA2

    A few less expensive lights up for sale. WITHDRAWN First is a Quark Mini AA2. Three level twisty with blinky modes (but they're out of the way). I'm the second (I think) owner. Nice beam, nice size, good level spacing, even a decent clip. But I just prefer clickes, so..... $27 $25 $23 ... last...
  8. BigBluefish

    Sold/Expired Sold: Enzo Birk 75

    Sold New 2/12: Enzo Birk 75. In excellent condition. Lockup at about 20 %, absolutely no blade play. I have carried this some, but it has only cut a bit of tape and a couple of boxes. A very nice knife, but I have not bonded with it, have my eyes on something slimmer, and alas I'm not Donald...
  9. BigBluefish

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Xeno E15 Warm White

    SOLD I have a Xeno E15 1 x AA / 2 x AA with a warm white emitter. M-L-H clicky. Excellent condition. I am the first owner, and the light saw very little use or carry. Asking $25 shipped CONUS. First "I'll take it" in the thread gets it. Payment by PayPal. Shipping CONUS only...
  10. BigBluefish

    Sold/Expired ALL SOLD - Malkoff: M61L HiCRI 2; M61LLL219; Li-ion L-M-H MDC Head

    Selling a couple of my Malkoff components to fund...what else, other Malkoff components. And..POOF!... they're gone. First "I'll take it" in the thread gets it. PM me with questions, and to discuss payment and shipping. Payment by PayPal. Thanks for looking. Below are SOLD: SOLD Added...
  11. BigBluefish

    Sold/Expired FS: JetBeam Jet II Mk3, Inova T1 (2 level w/strobe), Pelican 7000

    SOLD: JetBeam Jet II Mk3 And, that's all, folks... Items below are SOLD or Withdrawn SOLD JetBeam Jet II MK 3. Purchased here:!-Free-worldwide-shipping!!-Price-reductions! Very bright, probably 275-300 lumens. Good...
  12. BigBluefish

    Single, simple 1 x AA or 2 x AA

    Looking for a durable single level 1 x AA or 2 x AA light, 50 (1 x AA) - 100 (2 x AA) lumen range. It could be two levels, with an additional low 2-10 lumen level, but I'd want the low level accessible by head twist, not tail cap clicky. Single side switch OK. No multiple switches. Neutral or...
  13. BigBluefish

    Sold/Expired FOUND: Looking for a SureFire AZ2

    Looking to trade for, or buy, a nice SureFire AZ2. For trade, I have an A2-HA-WH in excellent condition (available in the sales forum). Perhaps the the A2 + some cash, would interest someone looking to unload an excellent condition AZ2. I also have up for sale a Tana custom E2L head with a...
  14. BigBluefish

    Sold/Expired FS: Surefire A2-HA-WH, Tana TNT SureFire E2L Nichia 219B

    FS: Tana TNT SureFire E2L Nichia 219B, U2, JetBeam Jet II Mk3 First "I'll take it" in the thread gets it. Coming Soon: Well, they are here, but the pics aren't up yet: SureFire U2 Ulta, SSC P4 version, excellent condition: $100 shipped. Very nice bean, very white. And a very well built...
  15. BigBluefish

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Spyderco Sages, Northwoods Madison Barlow (2 blade)

    SOLD First up is a very nice Northwoods (made by GEC) Madison Barlow with blue camel bone covers. I'm selling this only because it is a larger knife than I realized, and I'll be getting a smaller model (Willamette Whittler). This is a bit big for "gentleman's folder" unless you happen to be...
  16. BigBluefish

    Sold/Expired WITHDRAWN: SureFire: A2-HA-WH, A2-HA-YG, A2-HA-"WW", E2D

    FOR SALE: SureFire: A2-HA-WH, E2D (incan) WITHDRAWN
  17. BigBluefish

    Sold/Expired SOLD: 2nd PRICE DROP Download Pocket Rocket

    SOLD I have a catch-and-release, a custom Pocket Rocket by Download. Info can be found here from the post where I purchased it: No change in condition since I received it a...
  18. BigBluefish

    Recommend a P60 drop-in to fit a SolarForce L2P for a Bike Light?

    I picked up a used SolarForce host, and thought with the right drop-in, it would make a decent bike light for my mountain bike in the TwoFish mount I have. I have a few P60 drop ins, but they are lower output <200 lumen and/or multimode Hi CRI , so not really what I think I want on my bike...
  19. BigBluefish

    Streamlight TLR-3 weapon light?

    I picked up a small .45 with a rail for use as a house gun, and was thinking I'd stick a light on it. Does anyone have experience with the Streamlight TLR-3? Seems about as small and simple as I can get. I'm fine with the CR2 battery (vs. CR123) and 90 lumen (really more likely 65 lumens OTF)...
  20. BigBluefish

    Looking for 1, possibly 2, EDCs.

    OK, having been here awhile you think I'd know what I want. Well, there are just too many lights out there for me to keep track of anymore, so now I'm looking for some advice. While awaiting the current run of HDS High CRI Clickies to get squared away, I'd like to get one, maybe 2 EDCs. I've...