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    Sold/Expired Sinner Ti Tri-EDC SOLD

    Up for sale today is my Sinner Tri-EDC in Ti. I received this in a trade, so please excuse any gaps in knowledge. 3x XP-L Hi emitters, FET Driver, Ti host. Carried with some surface wear, but still in great shape, no major dents or dings. Will include 2 AW 18350's. Looking for $360.76 (350$...
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    Sold/Expired Muyshondt PROTOTYPE Maus Opus in Mokume

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    Sold/Expired LuxRC FL33 EDC Light

    Looking to sell a LuxRC FL33 EDC Light. It's been gently used, and is in very good condition. Comes with box, certificate, all original packaging. Looking to get $1300 net, shipped in the US.
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    Sold/Expired Muyshondt Aeon MkIII Bead Blast

    I have a Muyshondt Aeon MkIII, it's been carried and has minor scuffs which are normal with BB finishes, everything functions as it should, and I have all the packaging. Looking for $350 net to me, shipped to you.
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    Sold/Expired Muyshondt MOKUME Aeon MkIII PROTOTYPE

    The time has come to pass on my MkIII Mokume Prototype. I got this directly from Enrique and have carried it, a lot... There are various hairline carry marks on the body, that would polish out or be hidden by the patina, otherwise the light is in excellent condition. I recently polished it back...
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    Sold/Expired McGizmo Mclux III PD, Aluminum, Modded by datiLED

    Alrighty guys,Gonna list this up. This is a early McGizmo PD in aluminum, hard anodized black.When I received this, I sent it to datiLED to have it modded.. He added a XP-L HI 4000k, and bumped the high level to 750-833mA. This REALLY modernized this light, so you get the classic piston drive...
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    Sold/Expired Muyshondt Aeon Mk1 Titanium (Withdrawn)

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    My new McGizmo McLux III PD

    Just got this back in today from DatiLED... he yanked out the original LED and put in an XP-L HI 4000k, and upped the current on High... this thing is a fire breather now... If you need any mod work done, I highly recommend Derek, and it was super reasonable to get done... It's already...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Hanko Twisted Ti Trident

    As the title says, looking for a Hanko Twisted Ti Trident, LMK! -A
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    Sold/Expired HDS EDC-E1S-250 Executive - No Longer Available

    HDS EDC-E1S-250 Executive I have a gently carried HDS Executive 250, EDC-E1S-250, that I am looking to sell. I purchased this new and carried it for a couple months. Has some wear on the clip, but otherwise, as you can see, it's in great condition. Let me know if you're interested!! List Date...
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    Sold/Expired WTB/WTT Lenslight Mini Smooth Bezel BLACK or BB Ti

    Hey guys, Looking for a non-crennulated BLACK Aluminum, or BB Ti bezel. Willing to pay cash, or trade my Black Crennulated for it. Let me know whatcha got! -a
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    Sold/Expired FS: Oveready Peak Eiger AAA w/Prometheus Clip

    Hey guys, Not much of a flashlight guy here, mainly bought this for EDC and carried it for a month or so. Has some pocket wear but it's in good condition. Asking $80 net to me, shipped to you.
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    Peak Eiger Momentary on question...

    So I just bought the Overready edition of the Peak Eiger AAA with the momentary on switch. I am actually not a huge fan of the momentary on, but I DO like the pocket clip... Is there a way to purchase a flat cap for the butt end of the light that will allow me to keep the clip, but just use the...
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    Confused about Peak Configs

    So I am confused about the different body styles of Peak's Eiger light. I don't get what the differences are between the lug, keychain, and pocket bodies are... I've done some searching for the info and couldn't find it. What I am looking for is, a clicky (momentary on?) with a pocket clip...
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    Sold/Expired Muyshondt Aluminium Aeon MkII

    Hey guys, Looking to sell my MkII Aeon from the recently released batch from Unique Titanium. It's one of 15 Aluminium MkII Aeons built with the XPG2 emitter. The light has rode in my pocket, but shows little to no wear. I do still have the original tube packaging. These sold originally for...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo Haiku XP-G2

    SOLD. Hey guys. Looking to sell my Haiku, it's got the XP-G2 emitter. Perfect balance of output and color rendition. Asking $375 net to me.
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo Haiku HI-CRI

    Looking to sell my gently carried McGizmo Haiku Hi-CRI. It's been carried, and has some light carry marks in the Titanium. Otherwise it's a perfect specimen. 100% functional, great EDC light. I paid $455.17 shipped from McGizmo, I am asking $400 net to me, shipped to you. SOLD
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Prometheus Alpha Ready-Made

    Looking to sell my Prometheus Alpha flashlight, been carried and has some minor marks and dings but works perfectly and looks great. Comes with battery, charger, some o-rings and nano oil. I'm asking $200 net to me, shipped to you. Thanks! SOLD
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    Sold/Expired WTB Al Mac Custom

    Hey guys... I'm really looking to get into custom lights... This will be my first... So let me know what you have, I'd really like a Mac's Customs XM-L EDC in aluminum. PM me on here, or email me at [email protected] Thanks guys! -A
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    Sold/Expired WTB Mac Custom XM-L EDC

    Hey guys... I'm really looking to get into custom lights... This will be my first... So let me know what you have, I'd really like a Mac's Customs XM-L EDC. PM me on here, or email me at [email protected] Thanks guys! -A