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  1. gamezawy

    My 1st modified light with an old small sun housing

    Hi All, This is my 1st modified light i know it is not the big thing but at least a start i used a small sun housing that works with 3x AAA it had a very low output led i removed everything and started to work Items used -SMALL SUN ZY-109 -Computer CPU heatsink -Drum roller from HP...
  2. gamezawy

    How good is this 30w driver

    Hi all i am moding 3c maglite to triple xml2 so Is this driver good to run 3 xm-l2 at 3A ? have any one tried this driver ?
  3. gamezawy

    confused about battery in series and current draw please help

    can a 3x ( 2500ma 18650 battery ) connected in series (12.6V) give me 5000ma if i used them with a 5000ma buck driver ? or the maximum i can get is the 2500ma that every cell gives ?
  4. gamezawy

    help in how to overdrive xm-l2 to 6A

    Hi all i am in my way to make my own thrower as i don't have XPG-2 now i will be using dedomed xm-l2 for now i need help in how to overdrive it to 6A i want to understand the over driving , is it just to run the led with a constant current driver with the desired current for example...
  5. gamezawy

    How to re-stripping maglite

    hi all i have black 2D mag but it is scratched everywhere i want to remove the anodizing to its original silver aluminum so how i do that ?
  6. gamezawy

    Recommend me a long rang thrower that uses cree xm-l2 and 18650 battery

    Hi all i want a long rang thrower that uses one or multiple cree XM-L2 and 18650 batteries so could any one please recommend me one i have searched for long time but got confused and for your info i had skyray 818 so i need a better one
  7. gamezawy

    Converting my PC mic into emergency Light

    Hi all Yesterday i had nothing to do then i found a broken PC mic and from there i got the idea to convert it to emergency light or even a desk lamp I had a spare cree XTE NW about 4500k ,unused driver, a L-ion battery,small PC motherboard heatsink Here is the pic for the broken pc mic and...
  8. gamezawy

    aluminum or copper for my bike light body

    hi all I am making a light for my bike that will have a 6x cree xm-l2 running at 2500 mA i am kinda confused about the body material rather to be aluminum or copper so any suggestions ? Of course i am talking about the cooling side of the body .
  9. gamezawy

    why would any one dedome LEDs ?

    hi all i saw some ppl dedome there leds so why ? and what is its relation with better throwing if i am correct ?
  10. gamezawy

    recommend me a good thrower better than my SKYRAY 818

    Hi all can you recommend me a good thrower better than my SKYRAY 818 i want to upgrade to more and more light :devil: in about 60$ Link removed as per the banner at the top of the page Why has my link been removed? - Norm
  11. gamezawy

    recommend me a good thrower no more than 60$

    Hi all i have a skyray 818 that have 3 Xml t6 it is bright and throws good but it is the time for a better one so please suggest me a good thrower but not more than 60$ and uses more than 2x 18650 battery
  12. gamezawy

    is that real ? this can drive 1 XML by 2800mA ?

    Hi all i was wondering if this driver can really drive 1 XML by 2800mA ? if not so what driver you suggest to run 1 xml by about 2500 to 3000 mA ? from single 18650 or even 2x 18650 connected in parallel
  13. gamezawy

    Question about parallell load using constant current Driver

    Hi All About constant current Driver , for an example If i have a constant current driver that gives 5000 mA powring 2 cree XML leds connected in parallel so every one will be runing at 2500 mA my question is what will happen if one of those leds went down for any reason, damaged ...
  14. gamezawy

    what is better and brighter XML U3 or XM-l2 T6

    hi all I am a bit confused about using XML U3 or XM-l2 T6 , and as long as i live in Egypt i can only buy from chines wep sites so can any one help me rather to chose one of those ? OR...
  15. gamezawy

    what is the best lens angel for Bicycle lighting

    Hi all I am on my way to make a light for my Bicycle and i am confused about using lens or reflector so i want to know what is the best lens angel for Bicycle lighting and what is the common angel for the reflectors because i cant see any details for the reflector angel on any site
  16. gamezawy

    Driver suggestion to run 4x CREE XML

    hi all I am on my way to make a flashlight for my Bicycle i almost got everything except the driver/drivers I will be using 4 Cree XML U3 i want to run every one of them not less than 2500 mA so would any one please help and suggest me a Driver to run the 4 of them ?
  17. gamezawy

    Help in led driver Problem

    Hi every one i am Khaled from Egypt i think i am the 1st led DIYer in Egypt then Hello fellows, this is my 1st post in this great Forum i really love candlepowerforums i have been reading so much in it and i have learned alot my question I have bought this Driver (...
  18. gamezawy

    Can i use laptop charger to drive 6x Cree XTE in series ?

    Hi all Iam on my way to make a led lights for my fish tank i have a spare laptop driver with 19.5 volts 4700 mA and this cree XTE runs with maximum 3.4 volts and 1500 mA so can i connect 6x of this leds in a series and connect them directly to that Driver so every led will be taking about...

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