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    Runtime of Preon 1& 2 on low

    When recently I got my Preon 1, a quick check of lumens and battery current showed results far from those specs on medium and low so I went looking on the forum.
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    have both BC-900 and C9000 and confused

    Doesn't every consumer NiMH charger with a user selectable charging current work the same way? Every one I've seen including the early version of the C-9000 I tested used PWM of the full charge rate to provide the lower charging rates. I share your concern of the higher pulsed rates but every...
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    Maha C-9000 Question

    Ray, I'd be very interested in how an Energizer behaves if you put it through a few cycles charging only one battery at a time at 1000 mA in one of the outer slots. I found the C-9000 gets batteries far hotter than I like and my past experience with chargers that do that is that I get poor...
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    Should I drain New nimh's?

    If you're using the batteries in single cell applications just charge them and use them. If you're using the batteries in multi cell applications, a few conditioning cycles is a good idea IMHO. New cells often exhibit low capacity for the first couple/few cycles. From what I've observed this...
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    No wonder the Jetbeam MkIIx gets so hot!

    The Jetbeam C-LE I got from CEJ's group buy draws about the same power as yours. The 2 Jetbeam C-LEs that I got from Deal Extreme draw even more power than Julesb measured. The higher of the 2 is pulling 3.3 A on high. It puts out over 90 lumens on high initially but the output starts dropping...
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    any LED based that has THROW?

    It's not small but a Dorcy 3D modded with an SSC is a very impressive thrower IMHO. I'm running a GD buck/boost converter configured for 833 mA and measured 26500 lux @ 1 M. 135 Lumens and a 10+ hour run time on NiMH D cells or using 4 AA to D cell adapters. Probably about 5 hours on alkalines...
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    Fenix P3D review up at

    The P3D head actually works pretty well with a P2D body and an RCR123 3.7 V least with those that fit. Depending on how well the RCR123 holds voltage under load, turbo mode run time can be short before the annoying regulator oscillation starts but run times on the lower levels should...
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    Fenix P3D 1 cell regulation observation test

    The "low battery warning" on the P3D is Fenix marketing speak IMHO. It's really the buck regulator going into oscillation when the battery voltage drops too low to maintain the regulated current for the level in use. Since less voltage is required to maintain regulation on the lower levels due...
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    Fenix L0D Seoul SSC U-BIN

    I've used the .030" copper disc from the SS on other SSC mods. Does a thinner shim work better in general or is there a particular reason in the L0x? Do you make the .015" ones yourself or is there a source for them ready made? I just found out that I can open my L0P SE without any tools so...
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    delta V cut off advice on battery charger

    I'd suggest setting it considerably lower since it's unlikely that all the batteries will reach full charge at the same time. I try to avoid charging in series whenever possible and avoid peak charging (-dV) when it's not. That said, I'd personally set the limit to something like 5-15 mV in...
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    UI Brightness Sequence, What's your preference

    My favorite UI on a light by far is the one on the VB-16. 16 levels turns on at last level used separate buttons for changing the level up or down, push once quickly for a single level change or hold to ramp through all levels in a couple of seconds. no detectable PWM on any level It was nice...
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    AAA Rechargeable Eneloops 36 pack/ 9.99 - NOT!

    Re: AAA Rechargeable Eneloops 36 pack/ 9.99 Amazon has 8 packs of AA Eneloops for $19.99 right now. Free shipping on orders of $25 or more. Mike
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    SSC P4 direct drive

    Virtually all DMMs will drop the voltage by ~.1 V per amp since they generally use a .1 ohm resistor in current mode and measure the voltage drop across it. Fluke is one of the few who actually spec the "voltage burden" on some of their meters. Even on the ~$400 187/189, it's about .04 V / A...
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    Does battery voltage correlate to its remaining life?

    c_c, Do you have a link for the Energizer manual? The only Energizer doc I found was fairly limited compared to the Duracell "OEM" and Sanyo tech docs. The Duracell doc I found is here. Mike
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    Does battery voltage correlate to its remaining life?

    Hello Tom, You appear to be describing an NiMH cell being driven into reverse voltage when using multiple cells in series and not just a cell being deeply discharged. According to Sanyo, both the initial hydorgen gas generation and later oxygen generation happen only at negative voltages. That...
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    Ultrafire charger overcharging cells?

    There are lots of really good dedicated chargers for LiOn/LiPo in the r/c world with selectable charge currents and capable of charging multiple cells independantly that are a LOT cheaper than the Schulze and Triton but not nearly as cheap as the DSD and Ultrafire. Most of them require an...
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    What is the purpose of the strobe mode

    I find the strobe only useful for pissing off someone which I rarely want to do. It worked really well on a bozo in a bar though who kept shining his keychain light in my eyes :rock: He was trying to do it to his friend but kept getting me too. His friend who was as annoyed at him as I was...
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    Looks that way to me too. The AA NiMH output is way too low for me to have any interest. Mike
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    MH-C9000 hesitates to cut off with cooling fan ?!

    Hi Bill, I did a poor job of explaining it at the time but I never meant to say you did anything "wrong". It was just that the center cells showed a low lower charge input than the outer ones on that particular test. I thought that explained the lower temps you saw and was just postulating...

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