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    Xtar WP2 II or intellicharge i4?

    I'm vouching for the WP2 II. Solid charger that's reliable and easy to use.
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    18650 weaponlight with good throw?

    I've had a really good experience when dealing with Armytek. I have the Predator, and my tailswitch had some issues making contact. I emailed Armytek and they sent out 2 replacement tailcaps. I never had to show them my receipt, and I never had to return the malfunctioning tailswitch...
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    CR123 question

    If you are using disposable primary CR123A's in a single celled light, you can safely run them all the way down. No worries about over discharge when using a PRIMARY cr123a in a single-celled ​light.
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    18650's help please?

    What was wrong with it?
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    18650's help please?

    IlluminationGear. They give you a discount if you mention your cpf username. I've had them for 1-2 months, going strong. Good cells definitely won't drain so quick on standby, like you're experiencing. Mine stays at ~4.18 for as long as I need until I start using it.
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    Klarus XT11 for EDC ... or can anyone recommend another option?

    500 lumens with an RCR123, but only about 20min run time. On a cr123a, its ~220 lumens, with 1hr+ runtime though.
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    18650's help please?

    It is kind of difficult to understand at first, so I'll just start by recommending you the cells that I use. I use the Eagletac 3100 mAh 18650s, which you can get for $15 shipped, and these use the same premium Panasonic cells that all premium batteries have underneath the wrapper. After about...
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    Review of / Measurement on Xtar WP2 II charger

    My Habor Freight ("Centech" brand) DMM has a .02v difference compared to my cottenpicker mini voltemeter. I thought mine was overcharging at first too. I guess it really depends on your DMM and how accurate it is.
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    Detecting PWM with a camera phone

    Now I'm sad that my RRT-0 is pwm..
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    Detecting PWM with a camera phone

    Its pretty hard to look at the led itself without getting a headache. I can't imagine attempting to determine if High mode had PWM by doing this. I think the camera method is more methodical and accurate than say, waving your fingers or staring straight at an active emitter. Although, the...
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    Detecting PWM with a camera phone

    Haha that's awesome, how did you get your camera to catch that? My arms would probably get tired after a while..
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    Presenting the new: JETBEAM RRT01! (with pic)

    The clip is screwed on in the RRT-01.
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    Detecting PWM with a camera phone

    I placed the camera directly on top of the light, aiming towards the emitter. I also checked my Quark mini 123, it has slight PWM on low and medium, but no visible PWM on high. Here is a picture of the RRT-0 with slight PWM. I wouldn't be surprised if any other magnetic control ring lights...
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    Detecting PWM with a camera phone

    I put my camera right up to the light's lens, which is why the lines are showing throughout the screen. I also tried my RRT-0, it has much lighter ripples instead of solid black lines. I don't know how to interpret any of these results though.
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    Detecting PWM with a camera phone

    Sleep + Home button
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    Detecting PWM with a camera phone

    I was playing with my iphone camera and wanted to see what the Klarus XT11's led looked like when it was on. I didn't expect it to detect PWM so easily. Klarus XT11 - High Klarus XT11- Medium -- (Heavy PWM?) Klarus XT11- Low Armytek Predator - High - No PWM
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    Want a "Small High Lumen" Thrower

    How much does a Deerelight Aspheric setup go for? I was always interested in one.
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    Review of / Measurement on Xtar WP2 II charger

    Go with a protected just incase you forget and run your battery too far down.
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    RRT0 or PC10 or something else?

    The RRT-0 is one of my favorite lights. The adjustable ring is great, and you can buy different strike bezels if you want.

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