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    Sanyo's New Eneloop Stick and Mobile Boosters Announced Eneloop Mobile Booster (model KBC-L2BS) Eneloop Stick Booster (model KBC-D1BS) The Mobile Booster is a rechargeable lithium-ion unit with a pair of built-in USB terminals (and microUSB adapter) capable of pushing 1 Amp for about 2 hours (or 500 mA...
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    This is called customer service (Maha Energy)

    I purchased my Maha MH-C9000 charger back in March 2007, directly from Maha via amazon. Literally from the first day I had a small mechanical problem whereby a AAA battery would pop out of one of the slots - there was no way to keep it in. I tried using that slot with different brands of AAA...
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    No more Duracell CEF23 chargers?

    Is there any place which sells the Duracell CEF23 charger (preferably the CEF23DX4N) at a reasonable price? I read here some time ago here that they were available on ebay for about $17 shipped, but I can't find them ... I'm in the US. Many thanks!

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