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    Olight 26650 4500 mAh battery

    That's good to know. I'm waiting for my own customized R50 to arrive. Personally I'd rather have Olight eliminate the useless USB charger and make a more compact body. Aftermarket cells have far longer runtimes anyway...
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    Apparently the 18650 batteries are made from fresh Panasonic cells, however I have no idea on the 26650's. They are built/assembled in Florida. I can say though that I've ordered over a dozen or so of their batteries for friends and myself, and I've never been let down yet. They truly are one of...
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    Orbtronic has them in stock. It's a trusted name with high-quality cells, you can't go wrong with them.
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    Panasonic 26650

    This is excellent news!!! I like 26650 batteries and the flashlights built around them. More improvements in batteries are always welcome in my book, especially when such an innovative company is driving the charge (no pun intended). :p:crackup:
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    Best high capacity 18650?

    Re: Need input and recommendations on Cree and Defiant flashlights Agreed 100%. You cannot go wrong with OrbTronic. I've used their batteries for a long time, they just don't quit!:twothumbs
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    2012 Battery test/review summary

    He has them for sale, if you P.M. him.
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    2012 Battery test/review summary

    Oh, OK, thanks! It would be nice to source some 3400mah 18650 batteries from AW to see how they compare against the rivals... ;)
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    2012 Battery test/review summary

    Not trying to be a jerk, as I love the effort put into this thorough review, but is there a 2013 battery test?
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    2012 Battery test/review summary

    The new 3400mAh batteries look very promising. It'll be interesting to see what the modders like AW can do with these new cells. :) P.S. mods, this thread DEFINITELY needs to be stickied!