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    The Malkoff Potential Group Buy Sounding Board

    High Noon MDC? Put me down for at least 2 of those (as long as they're 3V). I'd prefer the HCRI 3 o'clock 5000K version but either is absolutely top of my list. I would pre-pay for a couple spots in that GB right now. Take my money.
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    Sold/Expired ~WTS~ Elzetta Alpha "Gen 3" - A313 w/Extras

    I'll take it. PM inbound.
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    I. Am. All. Over. This. What I'd really, really like is this in an MDC head with the usual 3 levels of the 3V version. Didn't Gene do one of these already? Maybe through Illumn?
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    New Member Question

    A headlamp isn't always a good match for yard trips. A handheld light works better because you'll be: a) Checking furry little bottoms to be sure they're tidy b) Checking furry little bellies to be sure they aren't covered in dirt, baby slugs, spiders - anything you don't want in the house c)...
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    Streamlight Customer Service

    I've had generally good service from Streamlight (though nothing seems to stay fixed for very long), until the most recent go-round. I sent them a brand new light that was flaky right out of the box. The light they returned to me was 5 years old based on the code printed on the body, the lumens...
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    For Sale HDS, Peak, Oveready, Emisar, etc. - pruning the collection!

    The Eiger will have a great home with troutpool. Enjoy!
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    For Sale HDS, Peak, Oveready, Emisar, etc. - pruning the collection!

    Is this HA Eiger the lug body or the keychain body? If it's the keychain then I'll take it.
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    New KeepPower 18350 don't work in series

    Just purchased 6 new KeepPower 18350 batteries and they're a slightly different construction than my older generations. The bottoms are now completely flat, lacking the slightly raised platform in the center. The tops are also flatter than earlier versions and are kind of sunk beneath the...
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    Best Rechargeable for HDS Rotary

    The Efest 700mAh button tops have always worked well in the rotary. They aren't the highest capacity option around these days but I've never had any trouble with them and they're usually in stock so they're easy to find.
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    [Review] - Fenix PD35 v3.0 - 1700 lumens, SFT40 LED - by Lock

    I think the eco mode on the PD35 I have is 15 lumens, which is surprisingly bright when it's really dark out. The 5-lumen low of the new model would be nice.
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Streamlight Protac 2L-X. I finally gave up on my fancy and expensive US-made light that just doesn't seem to want to work, so into the trash it goes (where it should have gone a year ago, if we're being honest) and I'm hoping this new Streamlight can be the workhorse I need. Even if it craps out...
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    Malkoff M61wll

    The low using the hi-low ring appears almost identical to the low of the recent M361 3000K drop-in, which I think was estimated at around 10 lumens. I find it very useful.
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    HDS HDS Systems #23

    Thanks for the update, Hogo. If my clicky fetus has a longer-than-expected gestation time, then so be it. Hang in there, guys.
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    Malkoff junkies! Assemble! Again... N219B M361 3000K/3500K

    Definitely still in. Will probably snag a second one if you have any extras.
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    If anyone is interested, the Keeppower RCR123A 860mAh batteries that output 3V seem to fit just fine in the MDC. They're longer than primary and 16340 cells due to the onboard USB charger but everything snugs down as it should without the sensation that anything is squished. A nice rechargeable...
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    Novatac: Legends Never Die

    Same. I would love to update my Novatac. When you say it runs on primaries, what does that mean? I've yet to find a version of the H17Fx driver that outputs more than about 10 lumens. Not looking for hundreds but 60 or so would be enough for true usability in a pinch.
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    Sold/Expired WTS:SF M2, E1E, E2E, C3, C2, KT-1, G2, Par36, Malkoff, Leaf, 4Sevens, Zebra

    Re: WTS:SF M2, E1E, E2E, C3, C2, KT-1,Par36, Malkoff, Leaf, 4Sevens, Zebra, Gladiator I'll take this. PM incoming. 84. Malkoff MD2 body with tailcap and switch. Brand new in package. Same reason as above. $59. Shipping included. ETA: PP sent and inbox cleared. :)
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    Sold/Expired WTS:SF M2, E1E, E2E, C3, C2, KT-1, G2, Par36, Malkoff, Leaf, 4Sevens, Zebra

    Re: WTS:SF E1E, Leaf 3x18650 body, FM incan sockets, Pelican 3854, SF P60 Lamps I'll take the matching tailcap, too. PP sent for both items.