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  1. egginator1

    WTB Okluma DC1 in titanium

    I have one. Pm me if you’re still interested.
  2. egginator1

    WTB: Oveready Ti BOSS 70, and high end LEP's

    I have a couple of Boss Ti lights. Regular and frosted. They r in sets though with a 35 and 70.
  3. egginator1

    Sold/Expired Lamplighter LED keychain lanterns

    I’m in for 4....looking forward to the details! So good to hear these r alive!
  4. egginator1

    HDS All Stainless... poor man's titanium HDS

    Yes, I want one!
  5. egginator1

    Sold/Expired PRICE DROP WTS various Mr. Bulk Lights

    Is the brass lion cub still available?
  6. egginator1

    Sold/Expired FOUND: Muyshondt

    Re: WTB: Muyshondt Maus, or similar small Ti light. I have a Maus MK1 available.
  7. egginator1

    Titanium Keychain Light Options

    I’ve been looking for a petite killer for a long time!
  8. egginator1

    Sold/Expired WTB lux rc minion

    Pm sent
  9. egginator1

    Sold/Expired WTB: Nucleus

    I have several types available. Pm me your email and I can send pics.
  10. egginator1

    Sold/Expired Emisar d4

    PayPal sent
  11. egginator1

    Sold/Expired Emisar d4

    I’ll take it. Pm me your PayPal
  12. egginator1

    The Lounge 2019

    I’ll take one for my son Matthew!
  13. egginator1

    What LED flashlight is sitting on your nightstand?

    Cool fall Spy 007 w/Vegas knob. Great light for the night!
  14. egginator1

    For the Peak fans

    I have a brass one....would like a couple more...hint hint.
  15. egginator1

    For the Peak fans

    Very nice! Don’t know what it’s about the 5 led ones, but I like them!